Letter H in a circleow to Letter L in a circleay a Hash Letter Trail

Although there are no rules, H5 have evolved their method of laying a trail. It's similar to most others, and you can improvise to liven things up – but there are a few fundamentals that you should stick to if you don't want too many complaints:

  1. The idea is to lay a trail that should take about 1 hour to run by the pack. As a guide, this usually means that an area of no more than 4 squares on an Ordnance Survey pathfinder 1:25000 series map should be used
  2. At the beginning indicate to the pack which way the trail begins and let them get on with it.
  3. Avoid laying false trails from the pub causing the pack to scatter around the area. Besides boring them, you also run the risk of splitting the pack. Bad Haring!!
  4. A T indicates a false trail and means that the pack must go back to the last check. Therefore you can't lay a T unless you have first laid a Check (circle)
  5. A Bar can be laid at any time and means that the trail branches off before that point.
  6. All trails leading from a Check should be terminated in a T if they are false trails.
  7. The unwritten rule (before Shagpile wrote it) is that if you can see the pub after you set-off, you can go straight ON-INN.