Run 1247

Sunday 22 February 2015

The Cock, Broom

Hare: Depth Charge


Going was moist, wet in places

Yes, we can see it

Old Gits in Old Git Pub mode

It was actually the 4th Sunday of the month so we'd missed the TR Register meet, but that was the only Cock up. Lots of Cock and Broom jokes as we circled up, which got worse as they proceeded! KNOBber wasn't there so that was one joke that didn't come up, and we couldn't get our PECKER out.

All the usual FRBs took the obvious false trail from the pub, especially The Count and Hot Shot who had gone off a little prematurely which left Clap Trap and Double Entry as FRBs on the other obvious false trail. There was the amazing sight of Gorjoyce FRB'ing on the correct trail followed by the rest of the hashers. Out into the fields where it was a bit damp. Lots of shiggy but no SHAGGY (another very loose joke around the cock theme). Pongo took the theme to heart and had sex on the hash with Underlay accompanied by lots of noise as Leroy had got the horn (they get better!!!)

Bangers was out of breath at the end of the hash due to loads and loads of shouting to Milly and Maggot (at least that's what it sounded like as Bangers voice cracked!) that made him pony (a little hoarse, get it? Oh well I'm running out of cock jokes!). Five Baah also did it doggy!

Blow Felt, Daisy, who had taken to knitting along with DE, and Gorjoyce who had given up on FRB'ing by this stage, were hanging back. But Rapid, Ringer and Capt F definitely had got it Forking hard by now (desperate I know).

Back to the pub with no bar. A much civilised circle in the front room of the pub led by our Hash Mattress. Down Downs for the Hare who took a long time getting it up (yet another poor attempt at a knob joke). For Pongo and Underlay's fornicating, Bangers loud breathing, Daisy for the heck of it and because Five Baah had gone off early. Lots of nominations for various reasons.

This time everyone in the room stayed till the end of the circle, with only the Hare having cum hashing by mistake!!!

On On to The Five Bells at Stanbridge, Hared by Hot Shot and Leroy.

Depth Charge

How Hash Mattress did 1247

Leroy and Jack stop to adjust hooves

HM pines for the absent GM

And not a TR Owner in sight (see 1121)