(Virtual) Run 1551

Sunday 22 November 2020

All over Beds (but not in pubs)

Hares: Not this week


Madder than Hashers?

Hash Socks photoshoot

Lock maintenance underway

The Great Pyramid of Blunham

The backside of the chilli plant

Medlar in Blunham

The former Salutation

A pair of Egyptian Geese

Lady P enjoying her trip

The 10K Two, but not the beautiful view

It's not a Trap

Catch-IT's wildlife

Sloes available but be quick

The folk of Spoonville greet Knobber ...

... more lined the route ...

... and not a dog to be seen

Lulu looking ready to enjoy ...

... his fellow hashers

Globes exercising on her trainer

Rapid back to front

Blowers heading for The Sewage Works

Around Shefford with a ...

... Christmassy, sulky Capitain

A rouring fire at ...

... The Connaughton Arms

DE's colourful trees

That cheeky squirrel

Where we're all at

The Count and Lady P: Thankfully Team Scribe take it in turns to be lead a merry dance by you Virtual Hashers. This week it's my turn, so I can do what I want. Lots of rambling on about lots of rambling in lots of lovely sunshine all captured by Hash Flash. Starting from home we spotted the wild swimmers on the green - madder than hashers some say, a photo-shoot to promote a brand new range of H5 socks, Barford lock maintenance underway (and another unannounced footpath closure which will no doubt lead to another complaint to the Central Beds footpath man who sticks pins into my effigy), a pyramid of recycled road, the unedifying backside of the chilli mass-production plant, a rarely seen medlar tree bearing fruit in Blunham, the former pub The Salutation (last hashed 1040) looking in reasonable shape, a rarely seen in this area pair of Egyptian Geese (probably English but called Egyptian and still around the following day), and then Lady P had a trip (the twig that felled her, clearly visable in our snap) which landed her in a bed of nettles and not best pleased. On On The Count

Bell End Too and Jamrag:After last week's marathon and the distrust installed therein, we set off from Bell End Too's abode this time on a circuit that he had actually done (not just measured on a map) and, he reported, was just shy of a 10k. Partially following the Count's trail a few months ago, we had barely done 200 yards down the road and definitely still on first wind, when we had to scale the peaks of Wootton, and it was pretty much the same for the next two miles, punctuated by some exceptionally wet and gooey shiggy around the gates. Following bridle trails we followed the John Bunyan trail roughly along the ridge almost reaching Cranfield before we turned down the hill to return to Wootton starting from a low point again. An undulating, a.k.a. hilly, trail largely off road that embraced some beautiful views over the surrounding towns and villages and encountered precious few other people. Only got to 9.5km according to Bell End's equipment (I failed with Strava) so we took a jog around a field behind the Chequers to round off a thoroughly enjoyable run. Thanks Bell End Too! And the RA once again excelled himself with the weather! On On Jammers.

Catch-IT and Clap Trap: No traps left to see, just Clap Trap.
Only wildlife I could find.
Anyone for sloes? I will guide you to this hedge. On On Catch It

Knobber and Hairy Gussett: Lovely day for a wander and to kick our way through autumn's golden gown*. Starting past the currently closed White Hart, on through Polehanger Woods to Spoonville, which we hope will be the extent of new property developments in Campton. Continuing along the River Ivel, through Shefford to the South Bridge and towards the mill, before heading west up on side of Cockshoot Hill, along the top, and down towards Shefford Hardwicke. Then, through the farmyard, over the A600 and back through Campton Plantation. A fitting end would have been to pop into the White Hart for a couple of pints on the way home, but we'll have to wait another couple of weeks for that. Some superb shiggy along the way, didn't get bitten by any dogs and lots of people about, all happy and saying hello. Brilliant.
*thanks to Jeff Wayne, WoTW

Lulu: A gloriously sunny autumn day provided the setting for a hash around Houghton Conquest. With a practice run carried out on Thursday, the circular route primarily off road was completed clocking up a respectable 5 miles (strava had a melt down and recorded 9.9miles!). The church bells chimed 12pm as I reached the on inn, It would have been a perfect morning had my fellows hashers been with me!

Blow Felt and Rapid Withdrawal : Leaving Globes at home on her new trainer [good goss we need a name ...ed], Blow Felt and Rapid set off for a visit to the Toddington sewage works via Conger Hill and the local vineyard before heading back via the disused sandpits. A gentle stroll of just over 5KM with the sun shining allowed us to take in all the sights before returning in time to join the Zoom circle.

Captn Fantaaaaastic: In the environs of Shefford. This is going to be short and sweet, because I am sulking. I went for my weekly hash run but unfortunately I have a pulled calf. Actually, I pulled it last week and it felt alright when I set off, but it was not long before I realised it was not going to end well. A few days resting my leg and hopefully it will be tickety-boo, but if not, I will be in a serious huff. It's already week three of four of Lock Down and hopefully the week after next we might be able to hash properly for a week or two. Only time will tell, but I really hope that's the case.Love from El Capitain

Goodhead:I had a pleasant romp around Ampthill park in the sunshine with a non hasher friend today (although she may be corruptible). I had thought I might catch sight of some other hashers as it's a regular stomping ground for many but alas, I did not.
We chose to go down Heartbreak hill and then come back up the more gentle slope to make life easier but we still felt we'd earned a hot chocolate from "the hub". We sat on socially distanced logs to enjoy that and then did another loop of the park to make the most of the sunshine. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos whilst on trail so a couple of post hash photos once back at the Connaughton Arms will have to do. OnOn, Goodhead x

Double Entry: Today's hash on a lovely autumn day with colourful trees, an inquisitive and cheeky squirrel and a road sign to sum it all up. Thank you GM Globes for the fab face mask, very thoughtful. Take care everyone. DE x

Bangers and Millyspeed: Before Milly and I set off I had to visit the Bowls Club (founded 1908) to brush the morning dew off the grass surface, and with the sun out, and a light wind it looked a great morning for our walk. Up to the top of the Downs, past the Golf Club (founded 1907) and on towards the visitors centre where there were many people enjoying the location and getting their morning refreshments, socially distanced . We made our way past Chute Wood and Farm passing many families with dogs and children, and on this clear day we could see Ivinghoe Beacon, Wendover Woods, and the Aylesbury Vale in the distance, magic!!
We reached the top of Bison Hill, so called where years gone by, Whipsnade Zoo did keep bison grazing the hillside there, and visible from the road. We made our way down the steep path which even had a roadside type sign warning walkers, and turned right at the base of the Downs towards Dunstable. We passed the London Gliding Club (founded 1930) field, round the bottom of Pascombe Pit down which they used to have orange rolling until H and S stepped in and ruled it to be dangerous, and onto the West Street Downs where I have spent many happy days sledging in my youth, when conditions allowed.
A short stroll back, arriving home at 12.15 and a welcome rest. The Fitbit said 7.5 miles but it was nearer 6 (including brushing the Green), 1700 calories, and a good to be alive feeling!!. On On , Bangers and Millyspeed. [wurdz of the week worth waiting for ...ed]

On On to wherever floats our barge next week

How Knobber missed a bit but still had a long one

How The Count rambled around Blunham

How Rapid escaped the sewage works

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