(Virtual) Run 1550

Sunday 15 November 2020

Where we wanted to be (except pubs)

Hares: None, we were free


Lulu: The naturalist

Does my bum look big in this ?

Subby shows where to hang your coat

Peachers and Oscar just watch and wonder

Rapid has faith in his hip improving

This weeks mystery object

Underground, overground

Wombling free

Capt F shows us his nuts

and creates a hash sundial

before thanking Team RA for fine weather

Lady P on track

On his way to Gloucester ?

Has Lady P mentioned her curry recipe ?

Out of season, maybe confused by lockdown#2

What do you call a camel with 3 humps ? Humphrey

Or a deer with no eyes ? No idea

Wildebeast sweep majestically across the plains


Real Shiggy

Showing Off

Long wait for a beer

The long and the short of it

A Liddle trail

A small but perfect virtual circle

Lulu: The RAs ability to part the dark rain clouds and bring the sun out spot on 11am is uncanny. From storm to blue sky in less than 15 mins, an enjoyable hash was had albeit all on the road from clophill to Shefford rtn.

Peacher's & Subby: completed a long and sunny but deepest shiggiest drippiest-nose hash today in chilly Caldecote, Ickwell and Northill today.

Globes & Rapid: Rapid is still nursing a bit of a hip injury so remained in Globes' knitters walking circle. We waited for the rain to stop and got out there quick to enjoy the sunshine around Toddington.

Catch It & Claptrap: The rain finally decided to give us a chance of a dry run. RA did great. Clap Trap and Catch It headed out around Meppershall with the very comfy and fetching Globes masks.

A bit of shiggy and we spotted not Clap Traps, but 'something else' traps. Quite a few attached in the hedges. If anyone knows what they are, please let us know. Real 'Trash HASH' followed after spotting loads walking home. I wore safety gear, as its not a nice thing to do and do not fancy getting run over. Beer cans mainly. A small token to make it a bit nicer in the countryside.

Forking: Forking went on a bash on his bike. Heading for Totternhoe, he met Bangers and Millie walking up the Sewell Railway cutting. In Stanbridge Forking passed 'The 5 Bells'. Other pubs passed included the White Horse in Eaton Bray and The Cross Keys in Totternhoe.

Capt F: The rain in the morning was relentless, but the forecast from 11 onwards was a lot better. So, I decided to sit it out and see what transpired. Cor Blimey maties, the RA must have been doing some serious Good Weather Prancing as bang on the Hashing hour the Sun peeked through the storm clouds and lit up the Autumn sky.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity and not entirely trusting the RA, I shot out the front-door without so much as a by your leave to Tarzan. I took an old traditional route, through Campton Plantation and then up the hill that isn't Cockshoot hill and On-On towards Southill. Looping around Southill village and then back into Shefford down the infamous and today a rather icky sticky Cockshoot Hill.

Just to prove how nice it was, albeit a bit blowy, I have attached a good weather photo montage.

Count & Lady P: The Count and Lady P: set off at 10:35 under heavy cloud after a morning of heavy rain – and by 11am the skies around Barford were light, blue and bright. Was this the Law of Attraction, What the RA Ordered or that sods law thing that happens when you arm yourself against the worst of weather?

The other philosophical question we faced was how can a tree that looks so down and out, give rise to a branch full of buds promising a prosperous future? Perhaps a metaphor for life after Covid. And can you curry curly kale?

Apart from Having Deep Thoughts we tramped around in shiggy, found puddles to play in and zoomed in on The Closing Circle.

DE: No horse whispering today, instead camels and wildebeest! Definitely a nature walk with lots of muntjac, pheasants, red kites and unusual sheep too. Shiggy galore but at least it stayed dry while hashing, and was even bright and sunny. Take care.

Bangers: Our new RA managed to sort the weather out in time for Millyspeed and I to head N out of Dunstable at about 10-30. After our experience of last week (more about that later) the chosen route was on metaled and well surfaced paths. The Green Lanes were well used by dog walkers/cyclists and runners on the sunny morning, and we passed close by Maiden Bower, a 4th or 5th century BC settlement, and down the steep hill towards Sewell and the old railway line bridge.Turning right, we spotted a 'cyclist' approaching, and lo and behold who should it be other than FORKING. Neither of us had said where we were heading and 10 seconds difference by either of us would not have seen this meeting !!

After parting in opposite directions Milly and I made our way up the Sewell cutting, in its day one of the steepest railway inclines at about 6%, with embankments of about 60 feet on either side and a testimony of Victorian engineering. Getting back at 12 noon I had recorded 10,000 steps 4.5 miles and burnt 1,500 calories

This was unlike last week, when we headed out to the new developments around Thorn/Houghton Regis. Knowing the area from my childhood I managed to navigate in the correct direction, crossed over the by-pass bridge and back again, looking for the footpath between Wingfield and H/R which our family had used in the 40s to visit the Plough...a round walk of about 7 miles!! I was unaware of path closures and encountered a contractors crossing track.

I attempted to cross, but on placing one foot into the mud/shiggy sank into 18 inches of cement like goo, and struggled to get out. Without my trusty walking stick I would still be there, and it took about 10 minutes to get back and out. Both Milly and I were covered in mud /slime but we made it home in one piece! I contacted the footpath man at Central Beds, he sent me a map of the closed paths (one of which I had been on) and was very helpful: robin.richardson@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk. A useful contact in the future I think. Thats all for now.

GoodHead: Not a solo effort this week - I had Cracker and Krypto to keep me company on trail....can you guess where we were? The three of us had been at the yard all morning, sorting out the horses so the boys had donned their coats (in an attempt to avoid a full shower when we got home) but it gets pretty warm, running in a coat so Krypto made use of the many puddles on the way round for refreshment.

I decided on Marston Moreteyne wetlands (did you guess right?) because I thought we could stay at bit cleaner, running on the pathways there. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out quite that way... Now I know we're all being encouraged to go out for fresh air and exercise during lockdown but omg! It was as busy as MK shopping centre the week before Christmas! So I left the hard tracks and hit the mud - hey ho, who doesn't love a good bit of shiggy?! And there were a few good comedy moments when I did a fair to middling impression of Bambi on ice - Krypto was amused anyway.

Bell End Too & Jamrag: A few moments after the heavens had opened and dumped most of Stewartby lake over Wootton, I sent a message to Jamrag to see if the rest of the lake had been deposited over Biddenham. It had. Wondering "why oh Why"...probably to both my hangover and kind of knowing where the hare was going to take me this week. I probably should never had mentioned to Jamrag, of my previous day's exploits whereby I reached the heady lengths of 9.99km on map my run, and couldn't be bothered going the extra 10 meters, this was an average distance that was not going to be lowered under Jamrag's position as hare for the day.

A shock was in store as I headed to Biddenham, the clouds had kindly passed over on their way to Great Barford, leaving the sun to pop out and surprise us with some warming rays.

Off we went, legally meeting another person from another household, both determined to take it steady, we soon found ourselves jogging close to the pace of Paula Radcliff, doing her shopping in the supermarket. "It's not far" says Jammers, "I measured it on the map", 2 miles in after taking the long route to the road crossing, paddling upstream through the Great Ouse, passing under the bypass bridge, whilst unwittingly recycling the alcohol that was now sweating through my forehead, we reached Bromham, figuring we were looping back home at this point, I relaxed, seeing the Swan in front of me, "right" says Jamrag "we can get started." And we did...

The Alpine Route...one of the special things about Bedfordshire, is of course the vast supplies of clay, fabulous at making bricks to support the tallest buildings, but today all the clay was safely on the ground, along with one or two (million) gallons of water. Clay and Water have a very special relationship. They don't want to mix together, but once started, there's really no stopping. This is the point that the GPS lies, it says you climbed 71 meters, one step forward, 16 steps sliding back down the hill, we actually climbed 8,848 meters, the Sherpas pointed us in the right direction, but with the magnificent views of Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, it was surely worth it, even if circumnavigating all 4 counties would have made for a shorter hash.

The journey down the hill, well river really, the rapids, the depth charges, the Shaggy, the Splashy and the Muddy Waters provided for more entertainment, (Did you see what I did there?) see the video on FB of Jamrag's graceful descent.

Reaching the lowlands of Bedfordshire once again, we passed my house, so quickly, I didn't get a chance to escape, giving no thought to abandoning my car in Biddenham. As we approached the Western Bypass bridge over the Ouse, Jamrag, was ready to concede, the journey was a tad longer than expected, but worried about his promise of a "mostly cross country jaunt" not being met, the bridge home, was soon to become a distant memory, as we headed down river to the most southerly footbridge to safely take us across the Ouse, only missing the next one as that would have been repeating last weeks hash. Stopping now, only to allow me to get catch up enough to hear the conversation, the final 2km sprint to the finish was upon us, a steady climb, through Great Denham, across the abandoned golf course, back to central Biddenham.

A big thank you to Jamrag, for reccy-ing the route, providing the sunshine and ensuring my legs were not going to work for the rest of the day. On On to next week.

Edwina & Major Jon: More of a walk than a run. Very muddy after all the rain this morning. Glorious blue sky when we set off from the Green Man Lidlington, but overcast by the time we got back.

Depth Charge and his troublesome GPS

Jamrag and Bell End Too slip and slide

Rapid's hip hop

Who hashed today: Bangers - Bellend Too - Blowfelt - Capt F - Catch It - Claptrap - Count - -Depth Charge - DE - Edwina -Forking - GoodHead -Jamrag - Globes - Lady P - Lulu - Major Jon - Peachers - Rapid - Subby