(Virtual) Run 1529

Sunday 21 June 2020

Chez Vous

Hares: All of us

HASHERS: 18  ANKLE BITERS: 0  MUTTS: 1  Apres: 2

Lulu accepts parental responsibility

Cake Time

Catch-It demonstrates the 2m rule

A very quiet Lakeside

Blowfelt makes his own fun

Who is the mystery hasher ?

Click to reveal. Parental advisory

A more hash friendly Non Naked Hiking Day

Lady P demonstrates how to tell the time by casting a shadow

One of his 5 a day

Waiting for opening time

Overgrown due to lack of hashing

Putting the cart

before the horse

Westoning knows all about Forking


A pause to allow Globes to catch up

Rapid sets his new PB

Globes smiles as Rapid comes from behind

No Points for Rubber Duck as Cyclopath reveals scarecrow

Zoom Time

These actual virtual hashes are virtually actual hashes ..... Hashers' self-penned comments below:

Lulu:Father’s Day hash saw a return to rectory woods in cranfield complete with lulu‘s daughters and their partners Not to forget Hendrix the dog. Hendrix enjoyed the lake as much as minja turtle did last year! With pubs still closed Prosecco and beer filled the rucksack for a picnic in the sun. A perfect Father’s Day treat. On on.

Catch-it and Clap Trap: Inge and I are exploring the Biggleswade Green Wheel today and won't be back for the circle. Sorry we are still out and having a cake. Nearly circle up time. Catch It and Clap Trap

Blowfelt: Thought I would try Flitwick Moor this week, not really one of my best decisions, forgot about all the rain we have had, plenty of shiggy, no flour, no bars,no fish hooks,, not sure which trail to take, are you on, not a word back, so made my own hash. On On Blowfelt.

Ringer: Shelved my planned ball-breaker run for this week (to be revisited) in favour of a shorter local run, in view of a nagging hip problem for the last couple of days. Managed (successfully) to avoid the rain and took to the heights of Blows Downs followed by a jog along the busway. Street run back to home but via a couple of alleyways I've not used before. Hip behaved itself so hopefully nothing to be concerned about. Back in 50-odd minutes, so just like a real Hash. OnOn Ringer

Jamrag: A true deja vu run except for the weather. Same pictures too! Feels like another day in lockdown! To quote a great comedian, "I'm going quietly bonkers". Drat, I forgot to dial in…

Depth Charge: Fathers day, and kids still in bed so best go for a r*n. Off round Biggleswade Green Wheel and I intended to do half and then cut across town and go back home, but it was such a nice morning that I kept going in a Forrest Gump kind of way. Anyway 10 and a bit mile later I returned home to be greeted by the cat. Children eventually twigged I was back and so was greeted with presents of Red Wine and Dark Chocolate - 🙂. Also daughter made a lemon and poppy seed cake, must have been on the same wavelength as Globes. On On to next week and not so long a jaunt me thinks. DC

Double Entry: We all know how much our GM loves quizzes at the minute so the Question is ‘Which hasher do these feet belong to?’ Click to reveal my hash companion for today. Our route included paths across lovely fields of crops with far reaching views and my chance to FRB. Fortunately the rain had washed out the number checks but created some shiggy. It was a great hash, many thanks to hare Boris. Apparently June 21st is World Naked Hiking Day. Hope Nik Nak wasn’t walking with Forking today! Take care everyone. On On, DE x

Count and LadyP: In the circle I relayed a quick joke relating to Dame Vera Lynn. Those of you fond of a fine turn of phrase might like this piece from another great lady on the same subject Click Here. I wish I could write as elegantly as Nancy Banks-Smith. Earlier we circumnavigated Great Barford, anti-clockwise from The Anchor and Strava has it on record (see link below). A very pleasant, bright and breezy, morning during which Lady P again pondered the identity of oats, barley, wheat and rye, and The Count thought of breakfast.

Forking and Nik Nak: The Chequers at Westoning was suggested for today’s hash. They had the car park open to serve lunchtime drinks & takeaways so we were first to park up. Out along Church road soon onto unused tracks that desperately needed cutting back. We emerged from the jungle. 'Do you like my new motor?' asked Forking. 'Its a bit small for you, replied NikNak 'My racehorse is ready for its workout' 'I'll stand here' said Forking, only to be photobombed by a duck. The Chequers served beer, but it had to be drunk off-premises so Nik Nak and Forking sat with their beer at the bus stop waiting for the number 42 to arrive.

Edwina and Major Jon: We ran from The Pheasant but didn't see a single plucker. Warm day and cold beer, bliss. OnOn Major Jon and Edwina-123.

Globes and Rapid: A simple loop around Toddington today. I had to wait at a red light for Globes to catch up and then set a new PB being chased by cows. Fortunately Globes captured my moment of glory on film. Rapid and Globes

Cyclopath: Cyclopath was apprehended on the Hash this morning and ordered to STOP having overdone her lockdown exercise!

The Count goes anti clockwise

Ringer's hip hoppity trail

Rapid rounds them up

Depth Charge makes up for shorter trails

Jamrag does it all again

Who hashed today: Bangers - Blowfelt - Boris - Catch-IT - Clap Trap - Count - Cyclopath - Depth Charge - Double Entry - Edwina - Forking - Golden Globes - Jamrag - Lady P - Lulu - Major Jon - Rapid - Ringer