(Virtual) Run 1528

Sunday 14 June 2020

Wherever the Fancy Takes You

Hares: Many and Varied


Blowers every inch the man about town ...

...but his chat up lines don't work

"Can I hold the camera next time. Please"

Cyclopath and all creatures

Nothing is Private to CM

Chequers Reprise, 10 years on

The Pink Toad Hall

DE found a Cattle Paddling Pool ...

...spotted a muntjac deer ...

... and went off-trail to find a pretty lake

Lady P has an SD chat to the Biking GM

Through the field of barley, or oats, or wheat or rye or something

Back to sunny Barford on Sea

One to the back again

Well after not getting our holiday to the Grand Canyon this will have to do

On top of the stile

Before a fall

Jamrag warming up in downtown Bedford ...

... so it's time for a shower!

And finally a Zoom Circle

Lulu and free beer at The Stone Jug ...

... and he made it to Chicksands Wood

Nik-Nak at The Windmill

Forking on the bench at Luton

Bangers and Milly suggest getting off the bench ...

... which works if beer's on offer

Stanbridgeford Stn, then and now

Superb views for Ringer

Subby delights in well endowed rams

In Caldecote fields the poppies blow ...

Blowfelt: Walk along the river Flit, tried to talk to some 4 legged friends, only whispered to them, but didn't seem to get very far, must ask Double Entry where I am going wrong.[whos your snapper blowers i think we should be told .. ed]

Cyclopath: Cyclopath & Camping Mug met up for a SD Hash around Cooper's Hill where they were surprised to discover some huge (but harmless) creatures. Returning to the cars Cyclo was dismayed to find that she had a flat tyre. Camping Mug saved the day by dashing off to fetch a pump & the problem was soon solved! BIG THANK YOU C.M.

Depth Charge: It was 10 years ago on 14th June 2010, (a Monday) that Lady P convinced me that I needed to hash, so off to the Chequers in Wrestlingworth I went. What better way to celebrate than to run the same route (or pretty much the same). From memory (what's left of it) I think it was pretty warm that day too. I did notice the name of one particular pink house though didn't see Rat, Badger, Mole or Toad himself. It was a bit disappointing that the pub was shut, so I ran round again in case they opened when I got back - no such luck though they were doing Sunday Lunch to take away if you pre-ordered. On On to the next ten years.

Double Entry: The sunshine is back. Hope you all enjoyed your hash. On On, DE x [I think she's missing us ... we're missing her too. Ed]

The Count and Lady P: I took Lady P on a new trail from Jordans: "A bit of a hike, so let's crack on". One minute later she's chatting to our neighbour. Managed to get her to Blunham and out for a bash Knobber nabbed us, so she has a good chat to him. Down to the Ivel, along the bank back to Blunham and she finds someone else to natter to. No matter we were back to Barford on Sea, and the tourist throng, just in time for a Proper Job and a Zoom Circle. On On

Golden Globes and Rapid Withdrawal: We managed to wake early so headed off before it got too warm across the Toddington fields again down towards Tebworth. Slight accident when Globes tried to jump down from a tall style, lost her footing and landed on her left buttock! Arnica required ...

Jamrag: Had a Strava malfunction today so didn't manage to clock the route or the distance, but out for 70 minutes surveying the beauties of downtown Bedford. Very warm in Bedford so stopped for a cooling shower. Slogged back down the A6 bypass. Definitely pool weather! On on

Lulu: Lulu began his hash from the Stone Jug in Clophill. The 10k run/ walk took an extended 85mins passing the eco lodges and into chicksands woods. An excellent route In glorious sunshine but still beer free ! With only Adams Ale available for the dogs. On on

Forking, Bangers and Nik-Nak: The Fox at Darley Hall serves beer but first to earn it we must hash. A beautiful calm day with only the delight of bird song heard from the skies. A look over to a quiet Luton Airport is the reason why. Over to the windmill and Forking finds a lost ball and just has to show his ball skills. On me 'ead son' he cried from the bench. Who's this following our trail from Breachwood Green? Bangers and an excited to see us Milly. They had managed to catch up whilst Forking was footing about. Bangers strolled on, he has his quest to accomplish and we had more map reading to conquer. Back to the Fox 12.35 with intentions to zoom into the circle up. Unsuccessful, try again next week.

Ringer: Having exhausted most of the circular routes from my house that aren't well over 10K it was time to get in the car and drive to a new starting point. Only a couple of miles but it opened up the possibility to run the full length of the Sewell Greenway, between two vanished railway stations: the old Dunstable North Stn and the next stop on the old line at Stanbridgeford. Only the old station booking hall at Stanbridgeford remains now, converted to a private house (see then-and-now pic). The route back took me up round and high over the old lime quarry pit at Totternhoe with superb views both north towards the Maiden Bower and south towards Totternhoe village. Back in time for a shower, a beer and the Zoom Circle. OnOn

Subby: Well we set off with the intention of joining all of my seven runs from the house. This took us down into the Shuttleworth valley across open fields, along a fabulous tree lined track through Ickwell up the hill from Northill through a pretty wood and past these very well endowed Rams. The field margins were stunning - full of an array of beautiful wild flowers and skylarks singing above. Diverting left to the edge of Beeston and back into another tiny wood then past onion and wheat fields and a lake full of lilies. The final treat was an entire poppy field followed by friendly horses and guinea fowl back to home. Only about 1/4 mile in total of road and always on a footpath. It took us 2½ hours to walk and we reckon it is about 7 miles. Our aim is to be able to run it by September and maybe add the extra 5 mile Broom loop!

On On to wherever delights us next week

Depth Charge: the Anniversary Hash

Where The Count cajoaled Lady P

This weeks Globes led Rapid Workout

Ringer's Old Station Run

Who hashed today: Bangers - Bell End Too - Blow Felt - Camping Mug - Count - Cyclopath - Depth Charge - Double Entry - Forking - Golden Globes - Goodhead - Jamrag - Lady P - Lulu - Nik-Nak - Peachers - Rapid - Ringer - Subby