Run 1548

Sunday 1 November 2020

The Plough, Langford

Hares: Depth Charge, Catch-IT and Clap Trap


The Plough, didn't letters down

GM with Lockdown 2 acceptance face

A masked Jamrag spots a water tussle ...

... as shark wrestles turtle ...

... Lulu and Blowers ignore the battle ...

... and Subby opts for "She's not with me"

The Hares find themselves in charge of a very Halloweened-up bunch

Marine life pleased to be in touch with equine cousins ...

... whereas Kisses was happy to keep her distance ...

... and Bangers prefers the wheeled variety

Minja in her wo*k clothes: one of those scary images you'll never unsee?

The uncontrollable audio on our video clip this week is almost as crazy as the images. We are assured, by a local expert, that the sounds are nothing like a turtle being attacked by a shark. Nothing at all.

Well the rain held off for Hash 1548 at least, not like the original laying which ended up in a deluge!

We had a great turn out for what may be the last group Hash for at least a month, but hopefully Virtual Hashing will continue.

As it was Halloween, some hashers took the opportunity to use Fancy Dress, whilst Minja came in her w*rk Clothes, and LuLu managed to get day release to join us. Well done to all who did you all looked great.

With a big group we split into FRB's and Knitters doing a very similar route to each other but in different directions. The On Out got all the FRB's going the wrong way before everyone split off into the two designated groups. To ensure social distancing for the FRB's I made sure there were a few falsies and plenty of numbers as we ran down the High Street and the off past the Ivy Club and PP's old Gaff. Once reaching the end of the village near the railway, a held check allowed all to gather before more falsies and a chance to get out towards the countryside. The rain had put paid to a lot of the markings, but Rapid had trouble seeing the newly laid ones too.

A meet and greet with a couple of ponies, saw Minja trying to squeeze through the gate that one pony didn't seem to want to allow. I waited for a few minutes before letting the pack know that the route was a different direction anyway. A few hundred metres later the Count, Jam Rag and Capt F ran through loads of shiggy before being called back.

Subby then lead the pack off past the farm farm towards the Sewage Farm, where cutting across more shaggy [sic] we saw the Knitting Circle in the distance. Across Henlow Common and Langford Meadow Nature Reserve, more shiggy filled drainage ditches and a tiny bit of woodland, the path took us back up the river to Langford Mill. No Scooby to go swimming and nobody else daft enough to try, saw the FRB's split again where Rapid, LuLu and yours truly r*n all the way to Jordans Mill and back down the road to chalk up a rather muddy 10K as Rapid decided he needed a mud pack to look better!

A very nice pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord back at the Plough whilst we waited on the return of the Knitting circle who must also got closer to 10K than they have for a long time.

Thanks to Catch-It and Clap Trap for co-haring, talking to the pub, and looking after the Knitters. Everyone seemed to enjoy the mud and especially Tarzan and Kisses who took the FRB mantle in their group very seriously. Also good to see Pongo and Perdita who we haven't seen for Ages.

Bangers decided to 'do a Boris' and turned up, right at the last minute before the On Out. Thanks also to Fat Controller for not swearing this week…… well not too much.

Finally thanks to the Landlady at the Plough for accommodating us and putting on such a nice beer.

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