Run 1517

Sunday 1 March 2020

The Chequers, Wootton

Hares: Bell End Too & Good Head


Almost home for...

...our (almost live) Hares

Welcome to our Newies Helen and Paul

Great to see sawdust being used again...

...some marks were quite discrete - not!

An early On-Inn?

Local signage for Lost Cause...

...and Cyclopath

Chef slaves over hot skillets for yummy pancakes (Marmite optional)

Toilet emergency button culprit

Toilet incident 2: when you've got to go...

Watford FC in-joke: cov19 couldn't stop Liverpool but Sarr(s) did

Having started to recce the trail, whilst in the middle of Storm Jorge, in wellingtons, I decided to abandon that idea, in favour of waders, after a while the wetsuit was needed for a little bog snorkelling, at this point your hares felt in the interest of broken ankles, hashers lost forever in the clay of Bedfordshire, the trail should be abandoned until the summer months, and a more friendly trail chosen. As the pack amassed outside the pub, the pre-hash wee frenzy was issued a blow, when the pub was all locked up, the wee pack made their way to Hares house and queued in a very orderly and British fashion to use the loo.

Finally off on trail, Bell End headed to the front of the pack, whilst Good Head took up the rear, sweeping without a brush. Pack numbers were good at the start, but started to dwindle quickly. As we have already established, your hares are probably two of the kindest you will meet, they are also two of the laziest, sorry I mean "Hash Smart" and in keeping the trail intact for use with MKH3 the following day, gave no clues as to the direction of travel. First two to go was latecomer, Bangers along with Subby who had kindly agreed to keep him company until they caught the pack, which they never did. In the confusion, Good Head, swept, wasn't sure, asked Members of the public to send out a search party, sadly in the end, the search was called off and these two hashers were left to the elements.

After a slightly confusing hidden passage, with a change from flour markings to sawdust, at least one more hasher was lost here, in the meantime, the majority of the pack headed into the distance, doing their own thing, whilst Bell End diligently waited for them to return from the false trail, soon to realise, the pack had found one of our sneaky loops by accident and were now powering away at an Olympic pace.

Further round the trail, the wee frenzy was to continue, the lack of public conveniences in Wootton, meant Pollex, had to sneak into the church, were there were rumours she had been kidnapped by a cult, in true pack style, she was abandonded, hasher number 5 lost on trail.

Soon the On Inn was found, with the relief if you have survived the trail, your prize would be, pancakes, supplied by your amazingly kind hares (have we mentioned that already), just a week late, but for Captain Fantaaastic, his 15th Pancake Tuesday, this year.

Talking of Captain Fantastic, and tales of Wees, the circle was to recount the journey home from the London Leap Year Hash, of the Captain's attempts to flush the loo on the train, only to hit the SOS button, where the train came to a screeching halt at the first available station, first responders from Thameslink were sent in with rescue and breathing apparatus, only to find Rapid Withdrawal relieving himself as Capt F had by this time done a runner, leaving Rapid with a lot of explaining to do.

In the interests of completeness, all lost hashers were eventually located, sat navs programmed and sent on their journey home, MKH3 may not be as lucky this evening, as it will be dark, and we won't bother looking for them.

On On
Bell End, Good Head, Princess Theakstons

[Ed: See the pics from the London Leap Year Hash]