Run 1444

Sunday 21 October 2018

The White Hart, Campton

Hares: Knobber and Capt Fantaaastic


Pretty village, glorious weather

Pack forages in Campton Plantation ...

... and emerges in one piece

Love Heart Stop at Campton Villas

Underlay performs novel striptease

All guilty of back-check abuse

Hares disapprove of short measures

Anniversary celebrants

Surprised surprise FRBs

Gaily embracing the romantic checks

Nicey ponders the effect of salt on dogs

Blow Felt with his last beer as RA

This weeks words are commensurate with the short measures of beer received by the Hares.

It was sunny. The run was really good. It was nice to see Knee Trembler, but sad to come to the end of Blow Felt's time as RA. A tough act to follow, it will be.

On On

Knobber and Capn F