Run 1426

Monday 18 June 2018

The Globe, Dunstable

Hares: Rapid & Golden Globes


Preparing for the On Out

Evidence that FC has left his youth behind

Trolley Dolly...could there be a naming soon ?

A fine pair of Globes

A view over Hash 1425

Double Entry lines them up

And they drink 2 by 2

Harshly punished for using technology on the hash, even if it is to find the pack

Like mother, like daughter

RA does not drink alone

With Rapid out setting the trail it fell to Golden Globes to scribe part 1 of the trail:

The start of the hash with the circle up was turned into chaos by the usual late arrival of Nik Nak who then went into a bit of a Romeo and Juliet moment with a man who called to her from his window so that she could park in his space, he did however think she was a charity case!

Fat Controller did try and sneak into the youth club, but was evicted and made to carry on Hashing.

Cyclopath attempted to kill her daughter by dumping her in a Trolley and running with her, but as always trollies don't go in straight lines.

Depth Charge was lead hasher most of the time, so did most of the false routes and got so keen on this he did a number run backs twice just for good measure as others didn't go back!

Rapid having finished laying the trail caught us back up by the View point over last weeks hash.

Part 2 of the trail as observed by Rapid:

From here it really was just a matter of ensuring the pack crossed the A5 safely, (clearly Nik Nak is not a member of the Tufty Club) and to allow Depth Charge to check out a few more false trails.

All returned to the pub on the hour and the biggest decision was deciding which of the fine beers to quaff. Fortunately FC was there to advise.

The circle was called and Blow Felt consulted his little black book to punish the sinners, including the hares for use of technology, Cyclopath for being a pushy mother, and returnees Fat Controller and Kisses Anytime for just being there.

Next week Claptrap is setting the trail from The Woolpack, Wilstead.

Rapid and Globes

Whilst you are here, an urgent appeal from the Harerazor - There are a number of gaps on the Hareline - please take a look and see if you could set a trail.