Run 1420

Monday 7 May 2018

The White Horse, Husborne Crawley

Hares: Blow Felt and Rapid Withdrawal


A Hot pair of Hares

Millispeed takes a cooling mudbath

Large yellow ribbon required

This RA does not mind drinking alone, as long as he drinks

Nicey wants to be an RA like Blow Felt when he grows up

Both RAs toast visiting Bird Woman

Bangers ignores advice and heads for false trail

Knitting circle and those woolly, trail-eating things

The shape of Circles to come?

Three Birthdays, one Hat

Golden and warming 50 Run Awards

Orange 400 Run Award for Forking

A Hot Bank Holiday Hash.

Set by Blow Felt with his immaculate planning, all Rapid needed to do was to turn up, shepherd the FRBs in the right direction (a map was provided) and to write the Wurdz. Unfortunately there were to be few front runners, with the exception of Ringer: fresh from his inaugural park run where he was 4th in class. Maybe Courtesan was going to be a front runner, but having lost her car keys, she spent the time hunting for them rather than the flour.

The trail left the pub with Forking running a long false trail, before Ringer took over and headed up the road, running past the footpath to a bar being encouraged by Rapid. In the field it was Forking's turn as he headed to the wrong side of the field, mimicking the defensive qualities of L*t*n.

The trail was then led by Bell End up to the sign where Blow Felt reminisced about his war time plane spotting. A clever switch back met The Count, who is now using his exemption card to avoid chunks of the trail. By this time Rapid had lost part of the Hashit he was carrying but Lady P found the missing paper, only for Rapid to do the same later on when he had to back track, spotting Pussies admiring the bushes in the meantime.

A number and a bar confused the pack, especially Globes, before we found a suitable muddy puddle for Millie to enjoy. At this point the pack split with Blow Felt leading the weary walkers and Rapid the feisty FRBs as we headed back to the pub.

At the pub, Ringer was almost renamed to Mute [Bell End suggested Ringless: Dep Ed] as he lost his phone (fortunately found again) and the circle decided to sit down rather than stand, enjoying the Lady P cake. Birthdays for Lady P, Frau and Nicey, awards for Globes (50) and Forking (400), and the usual toast from the RA welcoming Birdwoman from the Algarve Hash.

As Blow Felt failed to wear the Shark's head it was re-awarded and he took the same approach with the Hashes, even though they had been taken great care of.

Next week we head to the Pembroke Arms for Hash 1421 courtesy of Depth Charge.

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