Run 1419

Sunday 29 April 2018

The Windmill (Deceased), Charlton

Hares: Rapid, Globes & Nik Nak


A small addition from Blow Felt

A Pre Hash Sing Song

It was Cold and Blow Felt fancied a woolly jumper

Forking adopts the brace position

Zebedee catches up after joining the wrong pack

Catch It pole (Swede ?) dancing

Globes accuses Blow Felt of a little big one

before demanding to see the rears

Le Moulin de Charlton avec le hash

Rather a tuneful hash this one. Even without Leroy in accompaniment.

Choirmaster extraordinaire Capt F called the circle and handed out song sheets. A little drinking ditty was performed to the locals who declared that it was crepe, or at least that was the fare being served by the van outside the sad and sorry looking building which used to be the Windmill. This hash was part of the save the Windmill day, but on this showing the locals were unsure, just in case saving the pub meant we would return.

With the song complete, the hares, Rapid, Globes & Nik Nak were introduced and not to be outdone, Globes sprung into song:

Run Rapid, Run Rapid, Rapid's Run Run Run
We know that Hashers like to have Fun Fun Fun
You'll go cock-a-hoop
When you follow the extra loop
So Run Rapid Run Rapid's Run Run Run

All set off following the trail past the piggies, apart from Zebedee who decided in a Wallace and Gromit moment that he had the wrong trousers. Having changed he asked a random passer-by if they had seen a group of walkers only to be pointed in the direction of a real group of walkers rather than the hashers. He would not be seen again for 30 minutes.

With 3 hares Rapid took the lead, Globes the rear and Nik Nak somewhere in between. However, Capt F and our returnee (name forgotten) failed to go all the way to the back, prompting Rapid to force them to return. Just to add insult to injury Capt F was later to find a fish hook dedicated to his good self.

Forking, in full L*t*n attire carrying his umbrella and coat managed to ignore numbers and decided to offload his jacket to Globes who was feeling somewhat chilly, but not as cold as Blow Felt who was eyeing up the local sheep. We can only assume for the wool, not to show them his infamous little big one.

Confusion reigned in traditional hash style when Rapid forgot where he was and added an extra R check for the loop in the wrong place, most likely distracted by Catch It's pole dance. Fortunately the path back was well known enabling Depth Charge, Capt F, Zebedee to charge back followed by Nik Nak and the intermediate knitting circle, whilst the others returned with Globes.

More crepe and then the circle or was it the circle with more crepe? Who can say with Blow Felt handing out punishments to his assembly. Drinks were awarded to Globes for mentioning his unmentionables, Zebedee for listening to the locals and Rapid for some reason he cannot recall. Hashits were randomly distributed and all set off for home before it started to snow (it really was that cold).

As we departed somewhere in the distance a tune could be heard:

The Charlton Windmill Song

Like a circle in a turmoil
Capt F calls to heel
Ready for the beginning
this trail is the real deal
Following the track up the mountain
sounding like a hoon
Like a track that's turning
Running back far too soon
Heading anti-clockwise the hares are weeping
As the minutes fall at this pace
And the trail is like an apple
Rotten to the core in this place
Like the circles that you find
In the Charlton windmills of your mind

On On to Bank Holiday Monday and a return to the White Horse at 4:00pm. Blow Felt promises a big little one.