Run 1418

Sunday 22 April 2018

The Green Man, Lidlington

Live Hare: Hot Shot


HMs Nik-Nak calls the Circle to order(ish)

It was uphill right from the start...

...but what goes up must also come down

Three ways to go, but let's wait for the On

A bit over-pollinated?

It's Twelve o'clock so it's Beer o'clock

There were two of them (indicates Leroy)...

...but who had the whiter legs?

Bangers has to carry the can for absent errant son Forkin'

Returnee hashit seat awarded to Depth Charge

Collaborative Words are appearing here...

RINGER SAID: Are number checks allowed when it's a live hare?

GOLDEN GLOBES SAID: Globes liked getting her leg over inbetween Depth Charge and Goneril

DEPTH CHARGE SAID: Hot Shot should have kept schtum about not having any beer – I lost the impetus to chase, till i saw the pub!

CYCLOPATH SAID: A delightful day, a riveting route, in captivating countryside with congenial companions!

EDWINA-1-2-3 SAID: The only way is up, then down, then up again...

NIK-NAK SAID: A well planned run but not enough hills [oh I think there were enough for you Nik-Nak: Dep Ed]

FORKIN' SAID: Where was the beer stop? Would the Hashit carrier now be appointed HRH as a member of the Prince of Wales personal staff as loo-seat carrier? Start a petition to name the new royal sproglet 'Prince Forking the second'. I am the first and only Forking on this planet so far.
PS Bangers now owes me a beer as he stole my down-down for going awol early.