Run 1417

Sunday 15 April 2018

The White Hart, Maulden

Hares: Blow Felt and Cyclopath


Apres Walk Venue

The Shark had The Count

Leroy serenaded a tree

Camping Mug was double-down-downed

Catch It's joy at receiving Rapid's Rod

Our Hares for the day

On to a Held Check

DC and The Frau had a thing about soup ...

... Rapid had a thing about Subby

Bangers is a Charitable Walker

The Hares were happy to welcome the large group of Hashers who gathered at The White Hart, considering that many of them had walked up to 18 miles the previous day on Bangers' Charity Walk.

The Hash ducked down Duck End Lane and around the allotments where many Mauldenites were busily tending their plots, riddling, digging & trimming. Thank you Spring for arriving at last!

The FRBs dashed off around the Nature Reserve before reuniting with the pack for a JBS [that may need clarifying for some – Jelly Baby Stop]

On On up through a pretty green tunnel of bushes and branches to a delightful VS with Sharpenhoe Clappers in sight.

At Clophill Road some Hashers took advantage . . . (worry not) – of the short-cut back to the pub. Half the group were keen to carry on and enjoyed the pleasures of Green End and the views of Maulden Woods whilst admiring the horses' & sheep's complete disregard of the clay pigeon shoot bangs!

Special mention must be made of Gorjoyce, DE, Subby, Screamer, Catch-it, Blow-Felt and Screamer for getting their legs-over, ie. nimbly negotiating two kissing gates in the middle of deep shiggy and bordered by barbed-wire fences. Extra jelly babies well earned!

Onward past Maulden Grange and St. Marys Church before regrouping at the White Hart.

Altogether an interesting and varied route round attractive Maulden. A few anxious locals needed reassurance that the blobs of flour were in no way sinister and were left by a happy group of runners & walkers taking an enjoyably circuitous route to the local hostelry.

Drinks, delicious cakes and cheery chatter enjoyed by all, gem of the day & Leroy kindly explaining Nik-Nak's 11.02 arrival "Nik-Nak had car trouble this morning, she didn't get into it early enough!". A special down-down was awarded to Bangers in recognition of his hugely successful Charity Walk.

On On to The Green Man, Lidlington.