Run 1416

Sunday 8 April 2018

The Live and Let Live, Pegsdon

Hares: Clap Trap and Catch It (in any order)


One Hare wore a Crown, the other a Shark

Nicey becomes Splashy

Blow Felt had the Birthday Hat

Leroy and Forking avert Wellie Disaster

Derek took to Hashing especially well

New Style Deca Mug for Perdita

9th time here and a good venue

Leroy tries some moves to Capt F music

Starting the climb to Knocking Hoe

Out of Tingley Field Plantation to the B655

Double Down-Down for Golden Globes

Courtesan advises Judge Ringer to prepare for a harsh sentence

Run 1416 In Pegsdon set off in the mist. We headed off in the westerly direction towards Knocking Hoe and the Tingley Field Plantation. When the Hares had set the run (on the previous day) the views had been amazing, but on the Sunday – we were lucky to see Shillington!

Passing through a series of held checks, the Hashers got up the hill (Lady P having had some assistance with her footwear en route). Zebedee with Derek (a newbee, whom he had sponsored) ran like the wind and seemed to get caught in all the run-backs.

Once we crossed the B655, the short cutters diverged and meandered down to the pub while the rest of the pack continued on, up to the higher ground. The triangulation point on Deacon Hill (some 90 meters higher than the starting point) was visited by some hardy hashers, while others with a more serious running-problem headed off in the direction of Barton hills. We all managed somehow to reach the pub after taking about an hour to accomplish a mere 2.6 miles.

Pussies joined us to celebrate Blow Felt's birthday with plenty of boozy fruit cake. Ringer appeared to use only 406 calories on the run, so we calculate that the cake must have added more calories than he used!

When we left the pub to circle up outside we found the rain, which had obligingly held off for the run, was falling persistently. All present were to be subjected to lengthy ramblings of jokes and accounts of misdemeanours from the RA's book.

Down-downs were awarded for various misconducts. Golden Globes was given two! A new-style Deca Mug was awarded to Perdita. Blow Felt continued the 'new tradition' and enjoyed a final down down. At the finish, the rain, the cold and the end of the beer, brought the 1416 run to a conclusion.

Catch It and Clap Trap

On on to Run 1417 at The White Hart, Maulden