Run 1414

Sunday 25 March 2018

(Lady Day)

The Stone Jug, Clophill

Hares: Catch It, Cyclopath and Page 3


Just in case you wondered, these were ...

... the HARES

Without Exemption, Capt F resorts to lace tying at Number Check

Forking shows off Dior Hashit

Edwina tries to sneak in .. an hour late

RA prepares to award himself a down-down

The ever popular Stone Jug ...

... and the rolling country around

Evidence of Check Tampering: Australians suspected

A stop at Old St Mary's

Capt F and new friend Donald

Great to see Subby back

The Stone Jug, Clophill is said to be Ringer's favourite venue.

The three Hares had planned the route to perfection with the help of Cyclopath's old friend Colin. He knows the area well, including all the permissive paths and the woods where the ammunition dumps were located during the war. Despite these hazards, we safely moved along through the rolling countryside in the sunshine.

The runners veered off into the field after crossing a missing bar but made it to the badger woods. It seems somebody had decided that they did not like our flour-marks and removed them. The other missing marks must have been eaten by local wildlife or washed away in the rain. The hares didn't notice any Australians?

The short cutters enjoyed the pleasant views over the Bedfordshire countryside and early spring flowers before reaching the church (which seems to require a slight adjustment). Page 3 moved her cohort On On to the Inn, while the rest took the opportunity for a photo at the church.

The old church has a history of neglect. The roof fell in in the 1950s – no doubt as a result of the removal of the lead. There are also stories of 'Satanical' worship there going back a few decades, featuring skulls, bones and a opened grave. The church is now looked after by a warden based at the nearby eco-lodges. (Assisted by a multitude of surveillance cameras on the tower and knave – smile you hashers!)

We made it back to the pub and cakes were consumed in aid of Sports Relief. Thank you everyone for the contribution of £40.

Edwina did get the clocks wrong again and was awarded the Dior outfit, modelled by Forking. Blow Felt managed to award down-downs to several culprits judged guilty of misdemeanours before awarding himself a traditional down-down.

On-on to Chez Rapid