Run 1413

Sunday 18 March 2018

Knobber's Pad, Stotfold

Hares: Capt Fantaaaastic and Knobber


The Hares were photo-bummed

Knobber wore the Birthday Hat ...

Hares expected Orange Snow

...some needed Jellyatrics Brain Food...

PP didn't think it through

Muddy Waters stood in for Hairy Gussett

Not so much a Circle Up, more a Line Up

... and so did Cyclopath

Some questions needed thought...

...all thanks to Question Mistress DE

Scooper touched a football nerve

And finally a 500 Award for Nik Nak

Knobber submitted an image (L) of Rapid's Rod looking a trifle flaccid. We're sure all will be well when the RA finds a new holder.

With Team RA being snowed in, there was little control over the weather, and the orange snow that the Met Office had forecast did not appear. Instead, they sent white snow, which settled on the Stotfold footpaths and blended seamlessly with the flour.

Capn Fantaaastic's preamble was supplemented with the introduction of The Knobber quiz, which Double Entry had thoughtfully put together. This was a series of multiple choice questions based on uninteresting, inappropriate or insignificant occurrences during the ageing hare's futile existence [well it gave us a few laughs ... scribe]. The pack then set off towards the crossroads, and then along the High Street, before heading down alleyways towards St Mary's Church.

There was a clear early split in the pack, as the FRBs chased trails that had no flour, or did have flour that they couldn't see (i.e. aimlessly running about), whilst the other end of the pack meandered along what turned out to be the wrong direction. So there was a wait whilst the pack regrouped for the next question in the Knobber quiz. This concerned the venue for his marriage proposal to Hairy Gusset, which was actually whilst in the bath. It still eludes him as to how wind broken underwater could possibly be interpreted as such, but he has happily lived with that mystery for the last 34 years.

Then through the churchyard and FRBs Depth Charge, WWW, Scooper and Muddy Waters checked out anything that looked like it might be a trail. The pack headed into the Riverside and then over to Stotfold Mill, where the next round of the Knobber quiz was called. The question was about something Knobber had not done, and the majority correctly guessed that he had never won a talent contest.

Whilst the FRBs took the trail around the nature reserve, the main pack went straight down Mill Lane and all regrouped at Ford Bridge for a Jelly Baby and Jellyatricks stop. The Jellyatricks were the bigger group by far, even without those of dubious age standing with the Jellybaby set.

After that, it was back along the river and across the common for the final quiz question at Rook Tree Lane. The On Inn was found at the top of Olivers Lane and then it was back to the house for soup and ale.

HM Capn Fantaaastic called the circle where the Hares and Cyclopath took down downs, the latter being for a birthday, which was that day.

The RAs for the Day, Count Roadkill and Gorjoyce, then took over and awarded down downs to Scooper and Catch It for mentioning football to CRK, and using a phone on the run. There were others, but my memory fails me as to who and why, and Nik Nak received her 500 Run Award. All back indoors, then, to finish of the polypin of Woodfordes Wherry and home brew of Woodfordes SunDew, which the Count declared as "almost drinkable".

Big thanks to Hairy Gusset for making the soups, which all disappeared. [4 different soup varieties and "all most edible" ... Count]

There are some items of lost property to be reclaimed, including Nik Nak's trainers (well, they have NN on them). There is also a single black thermal bootee, and Rapid's Rod has been left a-dangling in the cold. The HM has them.

On On

Knbbr and Capn F