Run 1411

Sunday 4 March 2018

The Clay Pipe, Leighton Buzzard

Live Hare: Hot Shot


Live Hare: out-witted?

The entire circle at 11.00 am ....

Our challenge was to spot white flour among this lot

The Count created his own yellow arrow

Birthday Drink for the Hare

Bangers: pride hurt by a fall

It's a new one for us

... and at 11.01 am

We asked them to join us but they couldn't face it

The pack at full pelt

Guilty of technology on the hash

Missing hashers could have come by train?

RINGER SAID: As soon as I arrived at the pub, the Hare gave me an advisory letter to be read to the assembled masses during the Circle Up. He also gave me a map – just in case. It turned out just as well that he did. The assembled masses turned out to be 4, soon to be swollen to a massive FIVE hashers. After trying a couple of false trails, including a run along the partially-frozen Clipstone Brook – during which we were joined by Bell End Too – the proper trail was picked up.

THE COUNT SAID: The Live Hare admitted to a Birthday Age of about half of Bangers' and so he needed a 15 minutes start on the mature pack pursuing him. He also needed to hide the only clues to his whereabouts, patches of white flour, amongst patches of white snow. Clearly this was a challenge he was not going to lose. But next week he has a tougher test when he takes on my granny at ice hockey.

THE HARE SAID: after giving a map to the circle – I say circle; when I left they could only form a triangle – I thought that they wouldn't get lost. How wrong was I to trust a scout with a map. I gave the hash a challenge. If they could catch me, the first one to do so would receive a bottle of tart ale. Clearly they were put off by the thought of a bottle of ale or was it the tart, anyway had they have caught me without getting lost I would have put a full beer stop on the St George's Day run however it looks like a tart will be coming instead. As for the run I had a great time I only put down a few number checks all of which were early on but as they were in white flour, I am sure the hash missed them all, as I ran round the full route. I had the pleasure of seeing some rabbits, deer tracks and while doing this I may have slipped over. There were no witnesses because they were lost. In all a lovely run and I look forward to meeting the Count's granny for a game of hockey.

ps the new colour arrived on Monday and next time it snows I will be laying in fluorescent pink

EL CAPITAIN SAID: According to an old adage, Eskimos have 50 words for snow, but I bet they don't have a single word for Flour. Whether or not this is true or myth is irrelevant, but it does summarise the run quite well. Laying a run in flour on a snow covered landscape, is ill advised as it makes following the trail a tad difficult. Hot Shot, to his credit, did try to procure some colouring agent for the flour, but due to the wintry conditions, the delivery was not made in time. Please contact Hot Shot for cheap food colouring agents as I am sure he has some to spare. Despite the difficulties, we all had a fun time. Bangers made the only slip up of the day when he got tangled up with Milliespeed and came crashing down to earth (actually tarmac) whilst crossing one of the few roads we had to negotiate. Fortunately no harm was done and we all got back safely. Thanks to Hot Shot for haring in rather unpleasant conditions and also to Count, Ringer, Cyclopath, Bangers and Bell End Too for your fabulous company.

CYCLOPATH SAID: Overcast but pleasantly mild after the freeze, I was pleased to see that Milliespeed was present to double the female contingent! We struggled to keep the boys on track even when a glance at a map (permissible when the Hare is live?) suggested a particular direction but the main difficulty was spotting the snow camouflaged flour blobs! After many failed attempts to follow the trail it was agreed to make for the pub asap. Cpt. F. provided a number of Tommy Cooper jokes to keep the Hasher's spirits up.