Run 1409

Sunday 18 February 2018

The King William IV, Cockernhoe


Hares: Bangers and Forkin'


Was the KWIV hard to find?

At least one Hare disappointed by poor turnout

But credit for effort in Red Dresses...

...a sea of red, including bloomers

HM calls a Love Hearts stop

'Always', or at least for now

Capt F finds a 'distressed' golf club

Knobber proves that Courtesan's boots fit fine, it's just her ankles that are too small

Knobber and Nik-Nak: SOTH?

Gotcha for Double Entry

With 2 events to celebrate last week (Valentines day and the start of the Chinese year of the Dog), the weather set fair and dry I fully expected a good turn-out of hashers for this year's Red Dress Run. Alas we only had 10 well dressed takers for a visit to this area of North Herts. Perhaps it looked a difficult Pub to find, or too many other things interfered!

However, we had romantic music and an invitation to hug your neighbour at the start, and after a few false trails we headed right, down the Private Road and into the first of a considerable amount of shiggy. Again, a falsie around quite large puddles ment the pack following the ever leading Hot Shot around the boundary of the Putterridge estate. With the fronting of Captain F and Ringer we made our way to the edge of Wigmore and a ladies check. Here Double E unerringly found the trail but confusion resulted before Jane [ya mean Tarzan methinks: Dep Ed] and Nik Nak found a small path into the wood alongside the road. Our hardy front runners found many numbers check (which were all reduced by 2 on account of our shortage.) and we enjoyed a well surfaced path along the County boundary.

A check saw us being given 'Love Hearts' to keep us going, with a bit of calapiciousness thrown in!. We crossed the Cockernhoe road and made our way to the Golf Centre outside Ley Green where we found a broken and discarded club no doubt thrown away after a particularly bad shot!! The trail back was quite interesting through the woods (and plenty more 5 star shiggy). A gentle stroll through the village led us back to the King William. I must say the Landlord was most obliging, and had the pub open at the start. Thanks. As co-hare and RA (say no more) Forking was able to give everyone a down down, including Courtisan for arriving late, and for Knobber overhugging at the start!! A good route was enjoyed by all and we departed in the sunshine for home.

Cheers Bangers and Millyspeed.