Run 1406

Sunday 28 January 2018

The Black Lion, Leighton Buzzard

Hares: Hot Shot and Leroy


Hares you won't lose but might want to

Capt F tried a joke or two

Rest and Recovery packed 'em in

Globes grabbed a nut

Brenda's Boys wished her a Hashy Birthday

1399 as it should have been

We brightened the back-side of Buzzard

Capt F added 3 points to his licence

Rapid called this an old boot

Leroy hung his ukulele on the wall

Well what can I say to quote Gorjoice who wasn't there but may have said after the run "Leroy certainly has some length".

The run was so long even Leroy went home for a rest twice. What I think happened was this firstly Leroy planned a route in his head (who said head). This was clearly mistake number one because once planned he started to think mistake number two he thought what if we this and wouldn't it be great if we went that way then he had some thinking juice mistake number three, then he phoned little old me HotShot or ShitHot as the mother in law calls me (i'll let you pick which you prefer) on the phone Leroy asked me to help hare run 1399 and then it snowed and he cancelled the run so after giving Leroy plenty of time to think some more we laid the trail for run 1406.

In the circle the hares told a short tale of how the trail was laid it was lucky Blo-felt had already found the start as Leroy was having trouble remembering where we laid it but on out we went. The hash had been warned that HotShot likes to lay fish hooks in the number of the trail and the Count could often be seen checking the numbers for any errors, he really liked the zero in 1406 how ever while he was smiling he found the six this made the hare smile no end.

The FRBs did their bit and observed all the number checks with no exemsions while also teaching G-spot, Leroy's son (this is what Leroy looks like without the long hair, beard and about 30 years knocked off) how to use number checks.

As the hash carried on the route it clear that Rapid had a certain spring in his step this may have been due to a new pair of trainers it was also noted that the Count may be due an upgrade as well (purely for safety reasons).

Most of the Hash made it back to the Black Lion (Ringer and G-Spot are still missing in action - Ringer was distracted by some classy vinyl in the new record shop: Dep Ed) the beer and down downs were ordered and planned, an enjoyable run for many even if Leroy's Length was a little long.

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