Run 1403

Sunday 7 January 2018

The Hare Inn, Linslade

Hare: Hotshot


Very much A live Hare

Nik Nak crosses a line in Dior Hashit

A well-aimed anti-hands-in-pockets lecture was ...

The Count was done for forgetting what a pub looked like

Knobber's down-down was for being late

2nd time at the appropriately named Hare

If it didn't move, Hotshot numbered it

... delivered by an HM celebrating his car's 4th birthday

Rapid was polite enough to interrupt in the approved manner

And the RAs had a drink for each other

At 10.30 on Sunday morning your Hare passed an envelope to Ringer and said please make sure this is read out in the circle, I can only assume that this instruction was not followed1 as inside the Hash would have heard a prompt giving them an idea as to what they are meant to do during a Live Hare Hash.

The prompt was a reference to the children's tale by some Greek bloke called the Hare and the tortoise [may be theoraketortis ... ed], in this case I was hoping that the Hash would be spurred on to not only catch the Hare (this is what you are meant to do during a Live Hare) but to maybe get to the pub first.

Sadly, and this is a note to all Hares, not only did the Hash not catch the Hare but when Count Roadkill did make it to the pub he carried on running (Lady P please take note and take him out and show him what a pub looks like [yesh pleahse ... ed]). A down down was awarded naturally.

Anyway the Hare had a little jog around some streets over an old bridge and through a lovely little park while waiting for the Hash to catch him up. At the half way point the Hare just like in the afore mentioned story had a little rest and gave the Hash a chance to catch up..... they didn't, so the Hare started off again this time at a brisk pace just to give the Hash a sporting chance (clearly they were not up for sport). On he went into some woodland with views of the countryside up a hill, down a hill and then back to the Hare Inn just before midday at this point the pub wasn't open (lucky the Hash hadn't caught up).

Once inside the pub a short cutting late comer arrived in the shape of Knobber and then around 20 minutes later Count Roadkill ran straight passed the pub on his victory lap.

In the circle Capt F played the Hare in with some inspiring music and then our RAs showed off their talents [musht have misshed that ... ed] by awarding down-down's for all sorts of strange and indeed wonderful things.

However if we turn our eye to hash flash's photo's for a second we will see a mistake at the bottom: never let it be said that a Hare lead anyone but RAs please take note.[hf better correct that before anyone notiches...ed]

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1Editorial note: oh yes it was! The letter contained in the envelope was read out to the Circle by HM Capt F