Run 1402

Sunday 31 December 2017

Crafty's, Letchworth

Hare: Skidmark


That Guy Clap Trap tries to explain

Another couple of Guys turn up

Skidmark lines up her three butt clenching teams ...

... Capt F carries his load to the target ...

... and The Count deposits his

Blowers has a good shot at Elton John

Our Hare points the way (into Crafty's)

First Hare on a Bike since 1205?

Knotch on how to Hop-scotch properly

HM, Bird Woman, RA and The Algarve Agreement

Lady P, a Doll with The RA's Cock

Special Birthdays for Pussies and Eithne

Thanks Skidmark, a splendid new venue, a brilliantly innovative run, and a great way to finish the year. Scribe

In the year of OMBs* birth, a hash was laid...

A new venue for us, Crafty's which is managed by a fellow part-time Swim Teacher, Guy, which inspired the theme 'Guys 'n Dolls'. However, the Doll was without her Guy in the end as he was busy preparing the beer.

Hints were given, 'No theatre on this run' was the clue that we were not going on Broadway. We might 'hark back to our school days' was a clue that we'd go near schools of St Francis & St Chris. When it gets 'seasonal' there'll be a Guys 'n Dolls stop….in Spring Road, and there'll be playtime at the end and plenty of stops inbetween.

The Guys 'n Dolls stop ensured we had a lot more Dolls on the run and Pecker wins the award for the best pink hair accessory look. Next, Rapid was awarded the Best Pussy Stroking down down. A sweetie stop followed by 'there's no more numbered checks' kept the spirits up. We then had a butt clenching stop consisting of three teams or teams of three? The best butt clenching and accurate depository was awarded to the ever competitive Knobber for ensuring no splash back when releasing his buttocks. It was great fun watching penguin waddles up to the throne to make deposits!

Birthday down downs were awarded to Pussies turning a mere 70 and to Eithne for hitting the big 3!

With thanks to everyone who took part, especially to the most accosted Lady P in her best wig, Catch It for her last minute back haring and for my ever loving G-String for being there at the end!

On On


* Shagpile to you, dear reader