Run 1401

Sunday 24 December 2017

The Crown, Henlow

Hares: Shuffle Cock and Private Parts


A different Henlow Venue

Skippy in Hashy Birthday mode

Forking accused of Beer Theft!!

200 Award for Depth Charge, 100 for Catch It

400 Award for Rapid, 200 for Blow Felt

Hares and apprentice

Knotch has been cut down

Hashit for Hash Matress

RAs engage in drink swap scam again

Pussies is Mini Mouse

So for an Xmas Eve run, we decided to forgo the usual Henlow pub and try one of the alternatives. The hashers were warned at the start that the hares would be training the mini hares (Nicey & Sebastian) and that the hashers had to find the whole trail themselves. The hares then set out to the secret training park equipped with slides and swings to train up mini hares, while the pack were out somewhere looking for the trail.

By all accounts they found most of it, doing the loop around Henlow lakes but missed the loop past the school, oh well, it's Christmas, we'll forgive them.

Back at the pub, the RA found that due to cutbacks he was also Hash Cash, at least he can't complain about how much money is spent on the dray.

There were some Christmassy down downs, but as Christmas has now passed, this hare can't remember what any of them were.

On on to the New Years Eve run in Letchworth

Shuffle Cock