Run 1399

Sunday 10 December 2017




Hare Capt lays down the rules

"This is Catchit to base .. come in"

A Frosty Check

A bit blingy

Not quite so blingy

Rather more blingy

Cyclopath with boot protection kit

In fine voice and who would argue?

How can you have Wurdz for a Run that didn't exist?

Unfortunately it is my sad duty to report that there was no Run 1399.

On Sunday 10 December 2017 at 9.07 a decision was taken that will change the course of H5 history and underline for posterity its decline into the shiggy-like underworld of the WI.

For the first time in recorded history an H5 Run was cancelled.

There was neither war nor pestilence. Leighton Buzzard had not disappeared into a black hole. Apparently there was a bit of snow and ice about. We have already received one letter of complaint from "Angry of Potton" who also blames ".. Health and Safety gone mad, and that May woman for not getting us out of that blasted Euro Club a damned sight quicker ..."

No doubt in due course the GM will issue a full apology but in the meantime that leaves us with a bit of a gap, not only in H5 history but also on The Wurdz front.

Some members of H5 hierarchy are trying to fill this with "The 9th Annual Bling Run", a commendable Capt F initiative that this year was visited upon The Compasses and Greenfield, but an event that exists outside the anals of H5. Until someone other than me resolves this tricky situation I bring you blinging photos courtesy of Rapid and my humble apologies.