Run 1397

Sunday 26 November 2017

The Axe and Compass, Heath and Reach

Hares: Leroy and G Spot


The Hares turn up 5 minutes late

There must be less attractive false trails

Millispeed looks for dog-level handrails

"One minute Forking was behind me, the next he was gone"

Nik Nak, down-down for turning up on time

And finally the RA awards himself the traditional down-down

Leroy introduces Secret Hare Rapid

Cyclopath infringes patent on those socks

HM explains that the rules are that there are no rules

GM gets away with not using his Tankard

Pussies and The Count, guilty of being tripped

Millispeed seeks down-down for tripping The Count

Where, Oh Where, is Forking Dickchair?: A Pop-Up Book with Beer!

by April Wadtradwhi

About this title: Golden Globes is upset when her favourite hasher Forking Dickchair disappears. Where could he be? Hashers loved to help search for FDC on a clever, interactive trail that incorporated lots of false trails, numbers to the back, and a lively circle where Capt F illuminated all on hash etiquette.

Next in the Series: The Count's Trip. Join the jolly Count Roadkill and naughty Milly as they explore the fauna around Rushmere Park, while Blow Felt continues his search for a bit on the side.