Run 1396

Sunday 19 November 2017

The Chequers, Hall End, Wootton

Hares: Goodhead and Bell End Too


Very local local Hares

Peachers chooses not to obey the hare

RA Blowers ponders how to get a drink ...

... and finds support in Rapid

First time here for H5

Subby and Count caught out by confusion

Pussies prefers not to look

Knobber is pleased with RA's cock

1396 was always destined to go down in history, not least for the cunningness, stealth like, ability of the hares, more like their simple plain laziness, for Hash 1396 was also to become Hash 1643 of the Milton Keynes Hash House Harriers. How can this be? This was to become the first secret joint run of the 2 clubs, so secret only the hares knew of this subtly organised plan.

The ever growing village of Wootton, gave the hares ample opportunity to include new roads, paths and roundabouts, that had never been hashed before. Late Saturday afternoon the stealthy hares camouflaged only by their fluorescent hi vis jackets, set about laying the trail of flour around the village. Despite having hashed from most of the pubs in the village over the past 15 years, it wasn't long before social media saw cries of "houses being marked", "dogs being stolen", crime wave to hit the streets of Wootton, following Studley Road, Lorraine Road, St Mary's Close, Bedford Road, Payne Close, Monoux Road, Fields Road, Folkes Road. Well thanks social media for telling EVERYONE where our trail is going. Luckily the wise words of GG String were able to calm (some of) the Wootton hysteria.

A bright Sunday morning with the sun shining saw H5 keenly set off on trail, to cross fields and dales, well not dales, housing estates really. Would the trail still exist, much being washed and scrubbed away by the locals, the next few minutes would reveal.

The first check was well within view of the pub, luckily the keenness of the pack, stopped the return en masse and the trail continued.

The first confusion arose with the kicking out of a blob to reveal a bar, both directions were blocked, a gentle whisper and enthusiastic pointing soon got the pack back on trail.

After a few streets, see above, the trail was to enter a park, Subby, Bangers and Good Head were sent off in a different direction; not because we didn't like them, the park didn't allow dogs.

A discussion between Rapid Withdrawal and Double Entry, saw Rapid send DE off along a false trail whilst he ran down the correct trail, karma was to play it's part shortly after this, when Rapid spent the rest of the trail checking every single other false. By some coincidence Jam Rag did exactly the same the following day, and both were to show me their electronic tracking, hitting 8.743km for a 6km trail.

After entering Payne Road, a well placed fishhook by Good Head, allowed the hares to lay the check in flour for the third time which had mysteriously disappeared after being re-laid a matter of minutes earlier. Into the new estate, lots of unknown paths to check out, Rapid now has intimate knowledge of them all!

Back into the fields, a few trails were run, flour or not, before re-joining the village. Now 12:04, I suspect Subby was starting to get upset ..."Bell End it's 12pm where is the PUB?!" Apparently "You should have run faster" was the incorrect answer. Oppsie!

A few more streets, back alleys later everyone was safely back at the by 12:15, to drink beer and be awarded our just desserts by Blow Felt.

Many thanks to everyone that came out for Good Head's and My inaugural haring for H5, special thanks to Rapid for completing every false + extra to make sure our trail laying efforts never went to waste.