Run 1394

Sunday 5 November 2017

The Crown, Flitwick

Hares: Camping Mug and Blow Felt


Blowers and the Virgin Wurdzmith

HM welcomes regulars and newbees alike

At the back, The Count struggled to keep up

Rudy moves in as Good Head takes a dive and ...

... a down-down for it

GG String won the Battle of the Newbees

H5 visit The Crown for the 5th time

The Hare hadn't a clue but ...

... the Good Lord sent us a sign

Blowers and Pussies keen to learn of Pussies Pond

No Fireworks but Blowers Sparkled

Count and Shuffle chuck beer over themselves

Myself and Blow Felt were haring this sunny morning and the run was flush with people. We welcomed one newbee and one MK hasher who needed a Sunday without counting roundabouts.

Unfortunately we did not realise until half way round laying the trail that a golden retriever (who shall remain nameless in case after today he could be on a hit list) was following us and in need of a flour lunch.

Also…. M'lud I, Courtesan [is that camping mug ... ed], plead guilty to just plain forgetting the route. In my defence I cite being persuaded to attend the meeting of a thrash metal band the night before by the landlady of The Crown. In mitigation I am saying the head banging affected my memory, the alcohol did not! The Jury is still out.

So, back to the run…. The Count and Shuffle Cock were the only 2 who allegedly followed the correct route…. whatever that was. There was definitely some mutiny today, passing bars and 4 people standing on a 6 to the back to supposedly hide it from me when I had laid it!

Poor Goodhead twisted her ankle and hopefully it is nothing more serious and I'm sure we all wish her a speedy recovery. We hope she is less twisted soon.

Forking would have cried into his beer but no traditional down down for him as Blow Felt stepped into the fore and accepted the challenge of a 2nd glass.

Ringer was getting good value from his poppy and reminded us to remember via poppy and donation next week all those that gave their life for our freedom.

So On On to the AGM. Lots of talk in little groups today. What can it mean? All to be revealed on Saturday!

Camping Mug