Run 1393

Sunday 29 October 2017

Over Boothlow Farm, Longnor

Hares: Rapid Withdrawal and Smiffo


One Hare took his job seriously

The Count tries appropriately named ale

Friday meal gets thumbs up so...

Forking and lovely assistant run the games

The Dove in its infancy

No such thing?

Nik Nak, a Slipper rather than a Faller?

Ford Escort, fetched the fish n chips

Shifty looking Ned

Blanche Batters, innocent

The Butler, always ready to help

Guilty Medic arrested

The Hash: spot the Interloper

Non-Runner Screamer plays Celebrity Squares and has ...

... Birthday Beer, not so appropriately named

Forking awards himself a down-down and gets on with it as others pose ...

Our superb venue ...

... with some superb views

... Pecker comes to grips with washing up

The Saturday walking party

Subby atop her Nipple and ...

... Subby's Nipple from afar

Prime Suspects at The Murder Scene

Prof Peacock has a laugh with Dee Minor

Cinders, Buck Shot and the grieving widow

Lord Gardiner and his young bride

Sierra Tango on duty

Buck says "Ayye", Sierra not so sure

The pack disappears over the rise

Pecker heads ON INN up towards the farmhouse

The usual random down-downs

... and Hash votes his tash can stay if he goes

The story of the H5 Away Weekend in a remote and not at all creepy (until we arrived) farmhouse set in the beautiful countryside of the Staffordshire Peak District near Longnor is best told in pictures. But one particular point needs to be spelt out.

All of us who went were very grateful to Lady P for finding such a splendid venue, arranging such a fine itinerary and then not going herself [that needs rephrasing ... ed]. Well done and thanks to her, and well done and thanks to everyone for mucking in and having a great time, H5 style.

These are The Hares' Wurdz in SWAB format:

The SRAB philosophy (Short Runs Are Best) was applied to this run from our weekend accommodation at Over Boothlow Farm, Longnor. Your two intrepid hares set out at 8 am (after an extra hour in bed) to lay the run and were back drinking tea within the hour.

After the circle formed a check of footwear revealed that wellies were in favour, in all sorts of fetching designs one pair even sported a leopard print. A birthday was declared by SCREAMER, but no hat was in evidence (seems LADY PEE had not put it on the COUNT's packing list!). Hares warned of animal dangers and the pack were set forth. At the first check PECKER and FORKING found the false trails leaving the COUNT to lead the pack to the second check. PONGO [great to see old school hare using trad names was paintball there ... ed] and PERDITA then discovered the real trail to the first lot of top class shiggy.

PAINTBALL then took up FRB duties only to find a 4 to the back fish hook with the other usual suspects. This placed SUBBY in the vanguard ... only to discover two bar checks, with the real trail back over the fields to the ON INN and another top patch of shiggy, we were all back within 30 minutes of the start.

Hares and the birthday girl received down downs as did six other lucky hashers (can't remember who) once FORKING had liberated some dray beer from the COUNT's supply.

ON ON back to Beds