Run 1392

Sunday 22 October 2017

The George, Maulden

Hare: N Abettin'


Virgin Hare ...

... explains impressive array of markings

Along the ridge in Pennyfather's Woods

Alison in Ringer hand near-miss

Lady P impersonators abound

Water down-downs will teach them

Super, big pub, super big prices

Not much running for a start

Peachers waves goodbye to Hashit ...

... Atomic takes Hashit for coming a day early

Skippy and Camping Mug hang upside down

Frau takes Purple Sprouting

It was a dark and cold October morn and the lightweight rucksack was heavy with lots of flour - the only thing forgotten was the special explosives that would detonate when any non hasher touched the flour. Ah well, something to remember for the future - assuming the age related memory problem doesn't recur.

Flour to the left of me, flour to the right, flour in front, flour behind - there was lots of flour. Only issue was would all the new signs be included in the briefing - and maybe would they all be understood. Overheard toward the end "I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it now".

Back to the beginning: the Hare smiled as everyone disappeared over the hill (very small) to the first check back and 90 minutes later all returned to the sound of rustling wallets and purses as the search was long hard to find enough to exchange for the liquid refreshment.

On being called to the circle there was a circle of chairs already occupied with almost all snuggled up in special grey blankets that many declined to remove even when the real circle was formed. A new tradition or required clothing?

The Hare enjoyed himself - especially watching the false trails selected - and trusts that everyone else did too.[think we all did it was good fun .. ed]

On On

N Abettin'