Run 1391

Sunday 15 October 2017

The Rising Sun, Halls Green

Hares: Gorjoyce and Thongo


Old School Hares ....

Footpaths pop up in strange places ...

A straight line on the green ...

The Hares admire the beautiful emerging colours of Autumn ...

Forking ready for the INN ...

Camping Mug rides into the circle ...

... for what seemed an Old School Venue

... as does Forking of course

... all over the place on the brown

... Page 3 encourages the emergence of her admirer

... where we have our own table

... to join Capt F, DE and ... Forking of course

See Wurdz of 838 for the last time we were here, in 2007.

The weather forecast was for a hot sunny day but started off rather overcast with a mist that nearly obliterated the magnificent views over the Valley of the River Beane and glimpses of the rooftops in the ancient hamlet of St.Evenage. After a few cries trying to invoke the non-rule of 'passing the pub after starting on a trail one can stay at the pub' we were off across open fields.

Capt F was intrigued by a raised shooting hide and persuaded Forking to test out the rickety ladder much to the amusement of the pack who five minutes later started to complain about a non-trail over recently cultivated field. In fact the farmer is allowed 3 weeks before he has to roll the ground into a 3 ft wide pathway and our timing was just unlucky – absolutely no fault of the hares.

For some uncanny reason the pack kept checking out both real and imagined false trails to the left on what was basically a clockwise route. Only a few yards from the On-Inn and having gone off on a recognised old trail, an exasperated Bangers asked for directions.

Much to their initial delight some hashers spotted £20 notes on the trail.

The pub lived up to its name and the sun shone in time for the circle where Rapid and Forking awarded so many down-downs that it was hard to remember, but here goes...

  • BlowFelt and Pussies for leaving the trail and going off together
  • Lady P for likening Depth Charge for being like "a rat down the drain"
  • Captain F for forcing Forking to check out the rickety hide
  • Forking for trying to pay his subs with a dodgy £20 note
  • An extra traditional one for Forking with DE and Capt F
  • Perdita and Sue for blocking the trail when bended looking for dod droppings
  • Cortesan [ish that Camping mug ... ed] for humming the tune to Black Beauty as we passed a horse paddock.

On-on to the next run at Maulden

Pongo and Gorjoyce