Run 1388

Sunday 24 September 2017

The Golden Lion, Clifton

Hares: Shufflecock, Skippy & Splashy


A 'fiver' of Ankle-Biters

It's a 'Hug The Person To Your Left' check

More fivers: Dray contributions found on the trail by Hash Cash

Front hares guarding a held check

Apres returnee Page 3 and newee Ellie

Belly laughter was not called for

Shuffle & PP: irresponsible parents; Twicza: dog encouragement

Awarded for outstanding services to the Dray

A lovely sunny day, and following on from last weeks mammoth trail, a trail that was probably completed under an hour by the FRBs. Skippy and Splashy managed to keep the hashers out of trouble, but were told off by Double Entry for being at the head of the run. Well done to Nicey and Sebastion (slacking RA's, he still needs naming) for getting out of buggies and walking a good portion of the run. And congratulations to Blofelt to finding ten pounds on the run and donating it to the dray fund for the run (I'm sure The Count will be please). A welcome return to Page 3 (Ginger Tom's mum), unfortunately she forgot the time for the run and turned up apres. Back the pub everyone helped themselves to lemon drizzle cake courtesy of Frau Krafty Rot, and down downs were handed out by Secret RA – Depth Charge

View along the river Flit
View along the river Flit

How Depth Charge handled the pan-handle run