Run 1387

Tuesday 19 September 2017

La Maison, Villegailhenc

Hares: Spotted Dick and Count Roadkill


Les lièvres incroyables

The part of Double Entry is this week played by Rapid

The GM is on trail

Rapid finds the trail blocked

Perdita is named

Golden Globes in The Well, before that hip went

The intrepid 9, long walkers

Atomic receives treatment after being hit with a plank

Screamer and Smiffo enjoy the pool ...

Some regulars at Dave's Bar ...

... Dave's Bar was very popular ...

Bangers Treasure Hunting in Carcassonne

Lady P gets in character on the Treasure Hunt

Screamer and Lady P have a paddle

Bangers and Banger's Babes

Our superb venue

Hash pose with Sharpenhoe Clappers in the background

Smiffo makes sure the pack hear the On called

Down-Downs for Atomic and Newbee TBT

The First Night Dinner by Petra

More First Night Dinner

Rapid brought some decent weather

The lovely venue for our walk lunch

... Screamer and Nik Nak enjoy the Hot Tub

... more regulars at Dave's Bar ...

... some of the 55 bottles emptied at Dave's Bar

A break from hunting in Carcassonne

The Restaurant for the Treasure Hunt lunch

The Last Night Dinner, again by Petra

A Thank You for our very special Organisers

The story of the Hash Week in the superb chateau La Maison in the lovely countryside near Carcassonne is best told in pictures. But one particular point needs to be spelt out.

All of us who went were very grateful to Spotted Dick and Custard for finding such a splendid venue and for arranging such a super itinerary. Well done and Thanks to you both.