Run 1386

Sunday 17 September 2017

The Bull, Barton-le-Clay

Hares: Nik-Nak, Clap Trap and Catch-it


10 years goes by so Rapidly
(hover/tap pic for a time warp)

Keeping a firm grip on Rapid's Rod

Good Head and Princess Theakstons tackle a dodgy footbridge

Frau, if you're looking for Nicey's dummies, he doesn't need 'em

Were The Clappers beckoning or threatening?

Shiggy was promised...and delivered

A corny old joke

Lost property tankard returned.
Thank you Gorjoyce

Who didn't join the Tufty Club then?

Leaving early Depth Charge? Or why some shortcuts aren't

Down at The (old) Bull (and Hash)

A plethora of Hares

There were a "plethora" of hares (according to Ringer) when we circled up outside the Bull in Barton (others may have thought there was a surfeit!). After some prompting, Rapid admitted that it was 10 years since he was awarded his name (and 10 years since the collapse of Northern Rock – if there a connection, your author doesn't know, as he wasn't hashing in those distant days). [there was indeed a connection: Dep Ed] That was our only anniversary this week. When quizzed, the hares revealed that the day's run was to be long and arduous with a budget-busting estimate of 1 hour 40 minutes for fast walkers. Catch-IT offered the prospect a short cut, for those with pressing engagements.

The trail was long but unusually for Barton, stayed down on the flat, alternately crossing (muddy) fields then diving through holes in the hedges, into tunnels through the shrubbery. After fifty minutes, when on most outings the runners would be looking for the "On-INN" they were instead offered a chocolate and a difficult choice; whether to press-on into uncharted territory or to suffer the slings and arrows, that follow short-cutters. As it turned out, the majority elected to take the latter course (...and thus be back to the pub first).

In the circle the Hares (Catch-It, Nik-nak and Clap trap) were fêted but then the RA (Rapid) called Clap trap back, to be punished for having had his mug stolen (by Gorjoyce) [stolen? shirley knot: Dep Ed]. Double entry was picked onout again for various infractions, while Depth Charge was penalised for short-cutting (a pressing engagement), then running back and forth so much that his distance likely exceeded the full course. As a final act, Rapid awarded himself a down-down to celebrate his 10th anniversary.

See how Ringer, Shufflecock & DE did the full trail while Rapid et al took the shortcut