Run 1385

Sunday 10 September 2017

The Old Sun, Ampthill

Hares: Blow Felt and Cyclopath


First-timer has HARE on her chest

Strictly, mutt dancing

Depth Charge has a quick muscle stretch

So many sins in the circle ...

... that ring leader leaves at the Double

Goodhead and Bell End Too were guilty

Welcome return to The Old Sun

Hash Pose at the view check

Street signs know stuff

Down-down for Ankle Biting Newbee

Nicey awards Rudy the Bog Seat

Forking deserving of the Purple Sprouting

Hashers gathered under grey skies but Rudy & Cracker's enthusiastic embrace brought smiles to their faces and the Hash set forth. A very early BS at The Albion? After only 100m, surely not - no the trail led down to the Alameda Avenue of limes where a thirsty Millispeed enjoyed drinking from a muddy puddle!

Across sandy Cooper's Hill went the Hash, marvelling at the views of green fields, woods and rugby pitches. Into the wonderful Ampthill Great Park, although not all 140 hectares would be hashed (phew), towards the VS where the Knitting Circle had time to admire the panorama. They were soon joined by the runners performing an 'ambly-joggalong' (credit to Golden Globes for that descriptive phrase!) Cracker was full-of-the-joys and raced off into the distance to make new friends but was soon summoned back to the Hash by Bell End Too's impressively penetrating whistle [i sheem to remember it was goodheads deep throated whistle but correct me if ... ed] .

A little confusion re. signs arose in Laurel Wood - blame the novice Hare (or not) which resulted in the temporary loss of Courtesan [ish that camping mug .. ed], Forking & Frau! If you go down to the woods today . . . . There's safety in numbers so they say, safety for whom you ask? Order is restored but is short-lived as Princess Theakstons happily jumped-ship, taking refuge at a friend's house (with Goodhead's blessing).

Along Holly Walk, hooray, the weather has brightened up, through St. Andrew's cemetery to Gas House Lane where Hare Cyclopath (bringing up the rear) was bitterly disappointed to see that the 'female only check' had been ignored! Blow Felt drew those circles so lovingly too! [we would never do that never tia lead the check .. ed]

Past the King's Arm's Gardens, up the Zig Zags (thank you Courtesan for telling us the name of that path) and back to The Old Sun where a very warm welcome awaited - bowls of crisps/cheese/sausage rolls/chips/biscuits & baguettes were eagerly devoured by the hungry Hashers!

THANK YOU hosts at the Old Sun, much appreciated.

2 more THANK YOUS: To Bangers for home grown runner beans and Blow Felt for guiding a very grateful Cyclopath.


And thank YOU Cyclopath for your first Wurdz: please don't take the Editor's comments too seriously, he only works after a damn good lunch. Oh and Blowers, the brief tutorial on how to lay a trail can be found here. Scribe