Run 1383

Monday 28 August 2017

Priory Country Park, Bedford

Hares: Lady P and The Count


Your 1383 Hares

MillySpeed not buying this falsie ...

... but Clap Trap is having this one

Getting stuck into the picnic ...

... and The Man in Pink won't miss out

1383 HQ

Rare excursion to the back for Blowers

The very peaceful Finger Lakes

Wouldn't like to guess what's going on here

Camping Mug had the Birthday Hat

It was a cracking Bank Holiday Monday - the hottest in late August since records began, they say - and 4pm was a good time to be in Priory Country Park. A much better Park than we thought it was, with plenty of trail laying opportunities, lakes, The Great Ouse, a Marina, cycleways, a maze and an ice cream van. And for Lady Pee, a cafe with toilets.

Not surprisingly the car parking was a little overloaded but well done those that found a place and then located the green gazebo, our HQ for the afternoon guarded by Brenda and Pussies Galore after HM Ringer had released the pack into the charge of the Hares who sent it South East by Priory Lake. From there north to the wooden maze where keen FRBs arrived in time to see the check was sponsored by trixski - the fabulous new ski-carrier.

A quick look at the Finger Lakes before going through a wood to reprise part of the Cycle Treasure Hunt route (1382) for the first time. We then followed the river Great Ouse as it flowed, in a bow shape round to Priory Marina, although of course the river was flowing in the opposite direction to our trail.

We again repeated part of 1382, although this time on foot, along the Bedford to Sandy cycleway, and with a little help from an On Inn, re-found the green gazebo where ZingalongaMax joined us. Not sure if he was late for 1383 or very late for 1382.

With HM Ringer leaving the Hash in the carefree hands of HM Nik Nak we chose PikNiking and boozing over Circling Up and the like. GM Thongo and RA Rapid seemed happy to connive in this dereliction of duty and the Hash slipped into merry banter without so much as a down-down.

On On to Shillington

The Count and Lady P