Run 1380

Monday 7 August 2017

The French Horn, Steppingley

Hare: Forkin' Dickchair (and Bangers)


Hare Forkin': In Eight Two Mode

Ringer & DC: a bit of Slap and Tickle

'Arfleet encounters a rolling roadblock

Courtesan and Loraine just leaving home

Pack play Hunt the Stile

Caption competition: answers on a beermat

Neville the Elephant

Dep Hash Flash has selfie bombed

Luckily, Dep Scribe had paints and an easel to hand

Hare Forkin' does "J'accuse"

Blowfelt: the Invisible Man

Lady P: falsely claiming exemption

Kisses: Sharp observer of orange body parts

Loraine: Style on a Stile

Forking Reporting

Two days after a thumping 8-2 win for the Hatters, the Hash made a return visit to the French Horn, or 'la corne Francais' as the Frogs know it.

Whilst absent hasher Shuffle Cock celebrated his birthday today, Skippy also rejoiced in the 1840 law passed on this day that prohibited children from working up chimneys as sweeps. Following Subby's admission of my rising in her dreams, I also experienced a likewise nocturnal vision. It was in a dimly lit room where Rapid Withdrawal was wearing a tricorn hat in the style of Poldark. Captain Fantaaaastic then entered the scene, looking more Captain Pugwash, holding a bottle that might have been rum but he assured me it was beer. Fat Controller was in a fancy dress outfit, handing round hash cakes in the same manner he would carry a tray of Ferrero Rochers at the ambassadors ball. The dream then ended as Nik Nak entered in the style of Baby Driver in a last gasp effort to be included. Whilst you try to make head or tail of that, here is what happened on run 1380 from the French Horn, or Fred from First Dates as Gorjoyce would say.[should we be informing authorities of all this ... ed]

First to arrive at the pub which is actually on his local patch was Blow Felt. Second on the scene Lost Cause got more than Oscar's attention as his dog whistle also set off a screeching car alarm in the pub car park. After thanking Bangers for helping lay the route it was on off towards the farmstead of Rads End. The gates of this posh pad made Courtesan feel at home.

Then followed a woodland section where Box Clever was introduced to number checks. Soon after came a 5-way junction of confusion that left Golden Globes as FRB through the field of cows avoiding stepping in fresh laid pats. Kisses Anytime was wary of the cows being stirred and alarmed on seeing my bright hash top and asked that it may be safer if removed, but quickly rescinded that remark as my hairy underbelly started flapping at the opening.[no seriously should we ...ed]

Further styles and gates stopped progress but Loraine cleared a 5-bar obstacle like the cow over the moon leaving those in her wake struggling at times to even get a leg over. Depth Charge led the stampede down the permissive bridleway almost losing his cap in the overgrowth. Hash flash for the night, Lady Pee was unable to capture the essence of a Double Entry picture, but took a portfolio of snaps of the friendly pachyderm, Neville the Elephant who had no objections to being photographed from all angles.

The bar served good beers, both Timothy Taylor Landlord as well as Black Sheep. Ringer and Hayd'n N Abetting couldn't believe their luck when a shout of "Room for a little 'un" was rewarded with the sofa nearly tipping over as Camping Mug/Courtesan dropped in.

Next week is Rapid's run from the Plough where you can see my latest haircut taken this afternoon on Ringer's recommendation from the portacabin-cum-barbers in the local Sainsbreeze car-park.

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