Run 1379

Monday 31 July 2017

The Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

Hares: Depth Charge and Ringer


A crafty bunch of Hares

Birthday Hats for Gorjoyce and Catch It

Newbee Box Clever

Underlay and Ringer try horsewhispering from behind a gate

Hashit collection for Samantha

H5's 20th Run in Ickleford

RA Forking on top form

Aiding N explains his marathon hash

Peachers views his down-down drink with some distain

The real recipient of the Purple Sprouting?

The Plume of Feathers in Ickleford was the venue for H5's latest jaunt. After laying the run on Sunday, it was of course the duty of the hares to ensure that the beer was up to the mark, so into the pub we went to do the quality control. We strode in to be greeted by a chorus on 'On On'. Who should be there but a trio of good old friends of H5: Kermit, Googly and Antar, the two former fresh from haring Cambridge HHH's run, and now tucking into a fine Sunday roast lunch. A good chat over a couple of very drinkable pints of Summer Ale ensued.

Come Monday evening, almost up until the 'On-Out', showers threatened which we blamed on the absent RA-in-chief Rapid Withdrawal away in parts foreign. Just in time, co-RA Forking came to the rescue and we were shower-free from then on, indeed a fine end to the day. Gorjoyce was locked in financial combat with Hash Cash Blowfelt after she turned up claiming not to have any money! She also claimed a birthday, as did Catch-it. We had a newie in the form of already self-named Box Clever, who had been coerced to come along by his offspring Thrice Weekly, last week's visitor from Bali. Was also great to see Shagpile turn up and offer a second opinion as to the quality of the beer for our return – at least 9/10 I believe.

The 'On-Out' saw hashers spread to the four corners of the village green, but as usual it was Underlay with her extraordinary sense of where the flour was who led everyone off to the first of many four way excursions. Luckily for us Hares, each and every falsie was checked out which made laying them all the more worthwhile. Pecker had a déjà vu moment, reminiscent of Ringer's run a few weeks ago, as we seemed to be circling, but never quite escaping the rec ground. There were a few number checks, a couple of which appeared just before held checks much to the annoyance of Subby and the mirth of Peachers. Skippy and Knotch seemed to have the worst shoe lace tying and dodgiest knees of the entire hash, especially just before numbers.

Another 4 way saw the Count and Pecker actually listen to the misdirection of the Hare, by considering my instructions to be either bluff, double bluff or even triple bluff as they headed for the Bedford Road and T just before it. We were then joined by Haydn n Abettin, who had started running the trail on his own the best part of an hour earlier, lost the dust, and was re-tracing his steps back to the pub, when the pack appeared.

On On to a field with horses in, one of whom took quite a shine to Princess Samantha. Double Entry was on hand with a firm voice to say 'stop' though I wasn't sure if it was me or Dobbin she was addressing! Next obstacle was crossing under the bridge, where the penniless Gorjoyce decided she needed Clap Trap and yours truly as a Human shield from the traffic.

Through a pleasant smelling Lavender farm led by the equally pleasant smelling Courtesan, Catch-it and Lady P, where upon arriving at the next held Check, it was an eagle eyed DE spotted Bell End on the edge of a field doing something not quite so pleasant smelling.

At this check Shuffle showed his prowess at dog training as Rudy wolfed down half a thrown away cake. Shuffle eventually dragged him away down the trail to release him towards the On-Inn where he immediately turned tail to consume the bits he'd missed earlier!

Back at the pub in near perfect time, who should be there enjoying an evening sundowner but another ex-H5ver, Hooker. With dusk beginning to draw near we gathered in the garden. Down Downs by RA Forking (now slightly better dressed) for the Hares, the Birthday girls and various offenders – the Purple Sprouting suits Samantha perfectly, unlike on Dad (see pic).

On On to the French Horn at Steppingley and what is sure to be 'Une couse Tres agreable' – see what I did there ?

On On DC & Ringer