Run 1378

Monday 24 July 2017

The Jolly Coopers, Flitton

Hares: Capt F and Blow Felt


Hares: lacking only flour

Pack finds way back to The Home

Bog Seat for Lady P ...

Thrice Weakly: lost on way to Love Island?

CatchIt, synonymous with Baking ...

No mistaking the pub name

Depth Charge: philanthropPISSism

... Shark for Camping Mug

50 Run Hat for PT

... Subby, synonymous with Technology

What was the point – No bloomimg flour left after a day of showers, rain, drizzle, sprinkle, trickle and all round moistness.

The following words have been compiled by the assembled hoi polloi.

Double Entry – reckon Blow Felt should be doing the words.

Ringer – Should we have had a whip round to buy the hares some flour?

Anon – A certain glow to Captain F this evening or is that just from his laptop. And some insinuation of Camping Mug's keyboard skills or lack of

Calvin / Thrice Weakly – Taking the fast boat out of here. Thanks for the warm welcome despite the cold breeze

Peachers Tit – will Pussies stop going on about her bush!

Subby – only flour I saw was a numerically excessive back check. It led me to thinking about the optimum tipping point for the hash back check. There must be a mathematical formula which would involve speed, pi, infinity etc.

Loraine – A jolly Hash from The JC on a cool evening. The highlight was a game of Pooh Sticks, won by our guest, Kelvin!

Atomic – started when drizzling and ended in a gorgeous sunset. I had the honour to launch the blue pooh sticks

Rapid – I love you in a special way Captain.

Lady P – I had something wonderful to write but it's been so long since we arrived, we've lost 2.5 minutes of daylight today so it's now dark and I've forgotten what I was going to say so I'm off to bed!

Globes – Rapid is not as funny as he thinks he is!!

Alexa write the Wurdz [dont think this makes sense . ed]

Depth Charge – The only flour I saw was Bl**dy numbers!

Clap Trap – Was amazed at how quanticated the run was – I have looked this word up and I am none the wiser.

The barlady excused the lack of beer on having a serious problem with gas.

Ringer calls the circle:
Honest hairs were commended by Clap Trap [is he our hair expert . ed]. Down-downs were awarded to the magnificent hares; Thrice Weekly our Balinese visitor (can't be arsed to visit bloody Great Barford and want to be taken next week – apparently by Courtesan); Peaches (shiny hat award for 50 runs); The Lovely Loraine for spotting Blow Felt's apparent Tumescence; Double Entry for pulling it off while she hung on to it; The Svelt Subby for a prolonged period of post-coital relaxation after a quickie on the sofa; Depth Charge for philanthropPISSism; Courtesan for spoiling the RA's joke prospects (should have been awarded for telling poor jokes in my opinion). Lady P for erotic posturing and requesting someone to put it out horizontally and declaring a wish to put something on top; Lady P was seriously excited by being awarded the toilet seat for this heinous misdemeanour.

On On

Captain Fantaaaastic