Run 1377

Monday 17 July 2017

The George IV, Baldock

Hares: Pecker and Knotch


GIV - 10th H5 Run

Birthday Hat for Pecker

Purple Haze ...

Hashit for Double ...

... Double Hashit for Forking

65th Haring for Pecker, 3rd for Knotch

Maybe someone hasn't paid?

... Purple Hug

.. change of Hashit for Camping Mug ...

1/10 for Lady P on parallel bars

Two birthdays, a few days apart oh! How lucky do I feel. The turn out for a joint Pecker and Knotch run, was encouraging based on our previous performance nearing 2 hours.

We circled, Hash giving thanks to Count & Lady P for hospitalities at Jordan's on Sunday 16th. A beautiful setting, amazing food, great company also a day to remember.[see 1377 ...ed]

Once again our illustrious RA favoured us with good weather, all the announcements out of the way we set forward and up Weston Hill. We went up we went down so we were neither up nor down, some messing about on top of the new Baldock tunnel then back down into a magical forest lots falsies taken and On Inn within the hour. According to GPS, area run/walked 2.5 miles... lesson learnt don't use a map and avoid a 2 hour run.

However, do check if styles are in tact! Our experience after we arrived seeing yellow safety tape all over your (back exit) into the car park On Inn.

Pecker, Knotch & Tia

PS Sorry for lack of Hash names can't remember, didn't see, can't hear, can't say. Oops! Need to do 100 lines. We will try our best next time xxx