Run 1375

Monday 10 July 2017

The Rose & Crown, Sandridge

Hares: Spotted Dick and Custard


Gorjoyce finds new BFF

Entering Heartwood Forest, but where are the trees?

Careful what you wish for Rapid!

H5 atop the summit and the view towards Hatfield

Troll guards the gateway to the enchanted forest

Swingers in Langley Wood

Blowfelt SO pleased disappointed not to see DE and Subby

Pecker now regrets laughing when the RA set off on a false trail

Kisses: The poo bag years

Golden Globes running...and finding bar checks. Whatever next?

Another sunny evening in Hertfordshire and the Hash found itself at a new pub; well, new to the Hash. The Rose & Crown in Sandridge was a good find, good beer, a beer garden and convivial hosts. As 1930 approached the gathering circled up in the car park and the RA – Rapid – fell to it – no birthdays no anniversaries. In with the Hares – Spotted Dick & Custard – They announced a shortish run but lots of false trails, horses, a couple of road crossings briefed and the Hash was on out. With no Capt F, Subby or Underlay it wasn't to be the fastest of runs!! 5 minutes later we were back at the pub having exhausted the first 3 falsies. Clap Trap found the first on on across the main road leading up towards Heartwood forest. The pack – all together set off across the playing fields heading north. Clap Trap found the next falsie by the cricket pitch and thence across the first horseless field Rapid was immediately drawn toward the gate in view only to realise it was the wrong gate (a quick read of the ON INN and he was back on track).

A jink1 right along a lane and past the Scout Hut brought the pack into Heartwood forest itself a check with 6 tracks left the pack floundering for a while and even Ringer taking a photo of the on on dust didn't rouse the pack! They were all enjoying the new terrain and couldn't pick up the urge for a quick canter. The trail led back to the Heartwood car park as the pack quietly by passed the Scout Troop who were enjoying a little dib dibbing complete with colourful Scout Standard. Rapid had a quick snog with the local frogs (Wooden variety as well as Fat Controller). It was left to Zing–a-long to pick up the trail Rapid having found his fourth or fifth Falsie of the evening. Zing then missed the first fishhook before the health check and Golden Globes held the lead and was caught running – stunned gasps of amazement I hear from you. With the pack together SD kicked out the hook, no point.

Rapid again caught out on the check it out and the pack were off through the forest – when I say forest the trees are only a metre high at the moment plenty of growth to come. Another 100M falsie caught Rapid again and then it was on to the forest eastern edge and up the hill, Zing stretched his legs up as far as the bench but Clap Trap was close on his heels. Here we paused for a great viewpoint we could see all the way across to the tower by London Colney the visibility perfect for a change. A quick team photo and time for Rapid to take the falsie and it was Clap trap back on on. Zing quickly caught him up and on to the next check by the carved wooden arch at magical wood. Another few photos and a straight drag across the ridgeline brought us to the edge of the old woodland and byway. Twiglet held back to allow Rapid to pick up the falsies again until she and Pecker found the trail in the woods. A roped off path led through Langley Wood to the small ridge on the far side another chance for Rapid to find the falsie.

On past the den building area which Twiglet eye balled for another visit with her brother led us out of the woodland and into the home stretch down past the stables and on INN across the horse fields.

Down downs were awarded to the hares and then a few down downs for minor misdemeanours only none of which involved running competitive or otherwise. I did thinks though there should have been one for the RA for record number of falsies found but without Underlay or Ross McWhirter there was no one to verify. A down down for Blowfelt for not corralling Subby as an awardee, Pecker for laughing at the RA and his falsie antics. Kisses for carrying something suspiciously like a Poo Bag – no dog – just FC. Charity cakes were consumed by all – boozy ones from Catch IT and rest of Lady P's one from the week before. Donut, Bangers, Dave and Karmen were all there to hear about the Carcassonne trip from SD & C.

On next week to "George the Fourth" at Baldock.

1jink ‐v. 1 move elusively; dodge. 2 elude by dodging. –n. dodging or eluding. [originally Scots: imitative]