Run 1369

Monday 29 May 2017

The Plough, Langford

Hares: Catch It and Clap Trap


Catch It wins her Hare Shirt

Where's Scooby when you need him?

Anniversary drink for Bangers who says...

.... "at least I had two smashing daughters"

Lead us off please .... Oscar

So close to SOTH

Shagpile rested up inside

Edwina 123, deserving of the Ceremonial Seat

Pecker, done for impersonating a Hare

Knobber, out for The Count

But what had Underlay done? ...

... and why pick on this Gentleman?

Naggings from Count and Ringer to produce the Wurdz by Wednesday. I am up for the challange, but with no pictures I have to be creative. [we'll nag about typing errors next ... scribes]

The RA did a proper job – it rained a lot just after the run. Clap Trap's beans are doing very well.

We set off from the last remaining pub in Langford, The Plough. When Clap trap and I moved there 20 yeras ago there were four pubs in Langford. The Common, where we ran, was once used for grazing dairy cattle and in one of the meadows, an anti-aircraft gun gun was operational during the Second World War. Now we have a windfarm.

We headed down towards the Mill pond and ran along the river, which served to transport grain a long time ago. Kingfishers are sometimes seen, as well as herons. We ran across the buttercup meadows and a few FRBs had to do a fish hook to keep us all together. Somebody did not run back. No name to shame!

We did some road running, went past the sewage works and a few runners took the sort cut along the meandering river. Double Entry and Blow Felt relaxed on a bench, whilst Count raced back to see his mate Shagpile. Lady P was not aware of his great escape.

We continued along past the onion fields. Believe me, when the onions are ripe, Langford does know all about onions – the smell is ... noticeable!

Short cutters meandered towards the old canal locks and the runners caught up. We continued along the wide set aside paths and beside the Cricket Bat wood (willowtree plantation for whatever purpose? Bats?). Knobber was at this stage retracing his steps, as Lady P feared Count was lost. Knobber was eventually spotted and the back Hare encouraged him to catch up with the pack. The back Hare, in her new Hare shirt, soldiered on and made it back to the Plough in time to have a large slice of Lady P's lovely cake.

No statistics from the run, but it was pretty flat, no shiggys and everyone made it back in the lovely summer evening. We all did brilliantly. Bangers celebrated his 54th wedding anniversary and a well done to Mrs Bangers.

On On to 1370

Catch It and Clap Trap