Run 1368

Monday 22 May 2017

The Admiral, Clifton

Hare: Private Parts


Good to see the admiral taking his medicine

Knitting Circle: Urban and Rural

Team Purple takes a breather

Bye-law: No dogs allowed

Check only for those with exemption Cards

"Dusk on the lakes"

100 run award for Clap Trap

RA Capt F reading the 'Irene' poem
brought tears to Blow Felt's eyes

Yikes! What had Underlay done
to earn this down-down??

Hashit award decisions totally random

Very fine evening to end a very fine day, but why was this only our first visit to The Admiral? A little treasure overlooked. PP explains how [Dep Ed]

One fine day, several months ago Shufflecock and I, having taken Sebastian [fao the naming committee: it's time young Seb had a name: Dep Ed] and Nicey to the park were faced with the question of what to do next: check out the Admiral, of course! This was an excellent decision as it turned out that the new management were offering an excellent venue for a quick pint on a summer's evening. 'bout time we ran from here...

Perfect running conditions, a nice sunny day. Shagpile put in an appearance, but his back-check phobia is so severe that he chose not to run on this occasion. The doctor was pleased to see him taking his medicine cheerfully. Underlay however, made up for this.

The starting circle, which had a distinctly purple hue, was quick with nothing of note and the pack were pointed in the right direction towards the Clifton Indian. The trail passed by the playing field in the middle of the village before heading out across the countryside towards Henlow. This mix of fields and tree-covered paths brought us out near the pit playground. Pongo opted for the short cut from here with Snap happy and Sebastian, while everyone else followed a loop through the churchyard, across the river and down past the lakes, and back to Henlow High Street passing Champneys.

The route back was accessed from a small housing development and lay across the fields, before joining with the road back into Clifton. The FRBs (Depth Charge, Underlay, Captain F and the usual suspects) made it back to the pub about 55 minutes after circling up, with the knitting circle being somewhat spread out by the time the back markers returned.

Beers were doled out – Clap Trap's 100th was acknowledged, as was Captain F's fondness of spending hash funds on beer...