Run 1367

Monday 15 May 2017

The Musgrave Arms, Apsley End

Hares: Catch-it and Clap Trap


No these are not new boots, honest!

There's the easy way and there's the Skippy and Splashy way

Forking calls On

One brown one, one white one...

"It's behind you!", said the man with a shark on his head

Two birthdays: Frau & Depth Charge and an anniversary: Rapid W (& Golden Globes)

Oh yes they were Scooby, so Down-down

Tech failed Splashy - told her to slow down when she was stopped

Pongo (in his bicycle clips)
thought the run was "Unique"

Second week for Loraine and it's another down-down

Nik-Nak: attempted murder (yikes!) and
Zingalong: late arrival

Frau came a cropper less than 200m from getting back to the pub. Hopefully her knee and hand injuries are relatively minor.

Hare Catch-it said the Words will be done on Wednesday. The clock was running...and she was true to her word [Dep Ed]

A Monday run with sun setting at 20.46 on May 15th had to be carefully stepped out so not to arrive back in the dark. H4 warned about a possible overlap markings in Pirton, so the Hare (blissfully retired, but 'Do not like Monday('s) morning) decided to set the run on the day. One green mark was noted from H4's run.

The Musgrave Arms in Shillington were happy to have us. Nik Nak got there on time with 10 seconds to spare! Scooby tried to disguise his, straight out of the box, new footwear. As the trail was nice and dry Lady P decided to leave her putties behind. A few squares of Clap Trap's Rocky road were consumed pre-run. A good turnout.

We headed along a well cut meadow through a kissing gate or for some, climbing through the actual gate. The landowner keeps all her many acres well groomed and no false trails were available until we got to Pirton. The cowslips had just finished their delicate blooms along the path and the horsechestnut trees showing off their bloom. Field beans were discussed – some varieties not suitable for us humans apparently. (Info: The starch content of beans breaks down slower in the rumen than that of cereals, thereby providing a gentler outflow of nutrients in the animal's digestive system).

We had several checks along the way and plenty run backs for the Racing hounds. We strolled past the new wooden posts dug into the bend near Pirton. We were now in Hertfordshire and money appears to be no problem! Nobody went up the false trail towards Pirton. Splashy had noted that the Hare had said 'No hills'. Nice to hear that some hashers listen to the Hares.

A few huffs and puffs were heard and not to mention Edvina who was complaining it was tooooo far! The total for Depth Charge doing all the run backs was 5.2 miles. Rapid managed 4.7 miles (7.6 km or 4.1 nautical miles Scooby!)

The only livestock on route were 2 magnificent horses. The trail continued along the farm tracks and we eventually ended up on the road leading back to the Musgrave arms. Pongo and Catch It took it easy, but still managed to get back before 20.46.

Shag Pile and Underlay were seated at the dominoes table – worn down by years of serious dominoe games going back probably 50 years. Glad to see them looking good. Not so good was Frau, after a fall and in need of a large glass of wine. Ice on the side.

Scooby got beer in his new shoe, Frau, Depth Charge had hashy birthday wishes and congratulations on Rapid's anniversary. Golden Globes had other plans for the night.

More rocky road was munched and the charity kitty did very well. Thank you all, including the landlord, who contributed to our charity box.

Catch It and Clap Trap

On On to 1368 in Clifton 22 May