Run 1366

Monday 8 May 2017

The Dog and Badger, Maulden

Hares: Bangers and Jenny


F------ flour?

P------ flour?

T------ flour?

S------ flour?

M------ flour?

So this must be plain flour

Newee leads the way

Passed The George but no beer stop

Pretty bluebells on show

Down-down for newee Loraine

FRBing, Capt F lacks lunchbox (says DE), and other offences - photo by Gorjoyce

Pecker learns hashits must be worn

Dusk (and the hash) descends on the pub

Clap Trap: Too much pub knowledge

Bangers and Jenny set hashers a challenge for this run: could they identify the flour used for the letter checks? The letter in the check is a clue – the first letter of the answer to the flour used. Capt Fantaaastic tried tasting them; well you would stick something off the ground into your mouth wouldn't you? Really? [Dep Ed]

Can you work the clues out before Bangers reveals the answers in the Words below.

I was faced with the first evening run of the year whether there would be enough daylight to get the knitting circle back before dark! Jenny and I recced the route, taking one and a half hours at a leisurely walk, and providing that it was a sunny day we could just get it in. However the day was very overcast and also an accident at the A6 round-a-bout caused some delay in getting to the Dog and Badger. I decided to see how it would work out (sorry about the W word) and after telling the pack that I had obtained 5 various types of gluten free flour to lay the trail, and that each section before a 'held check' was a different variety, and a small pile beside the check should be sampled to guess it (smell it, not eat it Captain F!) we set off.

The FRBs went down a long falsie, with the pack heading down towards Water End and the fisheries. A great concealed footpath right fooled every-one and by the time we reached the Clophill road I had to decide what to do. I decided to set the FRB group, Subby, Rapid, Depth Charge, Ringer, Captain F and Edwina on the original route via the path towards the Silsoe road and allotments (hare-less), with the Knitting circle going right and then left to Green End and the path skirting the Southern boundary of the woods and the bluebells. The trail followed by the pack came back into Maulden, past the George, and up to the church, and then via Old Farm to rejoin the path past the bluebells. They made it back by 8-40 in failing light so I felt that the right decision had been made.

The pub served some good beer, Pongo thought it was delightful run, our newie Lorraine, Pecker and Clap Trap was given a down-down together with Atomic, and a group effort for what ever reason I know not for! The flour used was an Indian one Farali, Tapioca, Soya, and Mashed potato, [plus one (P-----) that Bangers has now forgotten: Dep Ed]. I did feel that it was a little early in the calendar to get a good length run in, given the fading light (Mis-management?)

On On to Aspley End,
Cheers Bangers and Jenny and Milley