Run 1364

Sunday 23 April 2017

The Black Lion, Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Hot Shot


Knight and Hare with a Mission ...

... to lead the pack round The Trail ...

... where DE spots a knob ...

... Blow Felt pets a frog and ...

... Wanktlers is brought to book

Meanwhile Leroy plays on despite a squirrel on his shoulder

A Beast for St George's Day ...

... and a team to slay it

Deca Mug for Jenny ...

... and a name for Camping Mug?

Purple Sprouting for Golden Globes ...

... and the traditional self-awarded down-down for Forking

page 1 of the Trail Challenge
page 2 of the Trail Challenge

So there I was run along laying a trail for run 1362 with my brother in law and one of my father in laws [grammarians, yes we know it's fathers-in-law: Dep Ed] when the latter said to me don't worry about the run report I've already written it. Well as you can image when a fellow hare says he done the wurdz you leave him to it. The moral of this story however short has to be never trust another hare.

Anyway grovelling to one side, on to run or trail 1364, As you can see from my attire I have to start with...


I didn't get a chance in the circle so I felt I should get that in. A small but clever group of hashers arrived on Sunday morning along with one very rude one you can see from the class records how Golden Globes fared. Proceedings started with the Count tell us how he had to have the haberdashery at the end for some chap whose name he couldn't remember. Well Wankler arrived and we all wondered how he could have forgotten.

The run started with Hot Shot handing out maps to everyone this started confusion straight away, we were going on a children's trail to see how cultured the hash was Golden Globes answered that with her first answer but on we pressed finding clue after clue with a little a help from yours truly.

After a while the hare started to get a bit worried as this was by far the shortest he had ever laid and it started to look like we were going to be late back this shows just how hard the hash were finding the children's trail.

They were having a great time with D.E. finding a knob, Rapid finding a door for very small borrowers, the Count found a pencil which even D.E. had to admire, Jenny found a golden ticket and Golden Globes finding all the wrong but rudest answers. Subby would not have been amused had she have been there. On to the library the hash found a bear and Forking found his piles as you can see from the pictures. And then back the Black Lion where down downs were given out for rudeness, just being there at the time and for Jenny / Camping mugs new mug. Was this a naming? Who could tell?

Well that's it from me till September so on on till then and happy trails.

Hot Shot.