Run 1362

Sunday 9 April 2017

The Axe & Compass, Heath & Reach

Hares: G-Spot, Leroy and Hot Shot


Cool Dudes or just Hares?

One of those times you're glad of the exemption certificate

The Birthday Hat for Golden Globes

Leroy tells his classic Injun Joke ...

... but the RA is watching him

Good to have Hash Mattress Nik Nak back

First H5 Circle at The Axe & Compass

RA Plod makes copious notes on The Count's misdemeanors

It seemed to be raining Mutts but ...

... a beautiful day in Baker's Wood

Count and Lady P, conjugally challenged?

Tradition demands a self-awarded down-down

You'd have thought that with three hares – indeed a family of hares – they could have managed the Words between them, but no, the Eds waited in vain for something to be submitted. BAD HARES!!!!

So here are a few words they might have used if only they could have been arsed.

Word cloud of common hash words