Run 1361

Sunday 2 April 2017

The Moon and Stars, Rushden

Hares: Blow Felt and Gorjoyce


Our Young Hares rarin' to go

A typical number check ...

... and a typical pairing to the back

Skidmark and Eithne have their own version of a circle

GM Pongo: confusion over poo

The Count: confusion over running

At Rushden for the first time since 2013

Who would win? 5 llamas v 4 humans and 2 dogs

Bangers and Millispeed lead the pack

DE: part of the Hash Bike rescue squad

Atomic: confusion over garlic and technology

Lady P: confusion over ... confusion

It was a beautiful warm sunny spring day when the Hash arrived at the "Moon & Stars" the friendly landlord opened the pub for those with weak bladders, and then kindly offered to make us soup and sandwiches on our return. There was a bit of confusion as to when we were going to all sit down and consume this meal, but all was well and we enjoyed very tasty soup at a very reasonable price.

Then it was on on over the wibbly wobbly bridge past the wild daffodils and on up to the old church where some local worshipers and the very young lady vicar, greeted us with great enthusiasm and said what a jolly fun thing to partake in on a Sunday! Then in the graveyard Pongo got a little muddled as to which was his dog (it was the jet lag no doubt) and Pecker picked up the dog poo that was deposited by Teddy. Pecker is a star.

On on past five very curious llamas who would have loved to have joined in the fun if they could have escaped. Then into the ancient wood where Atomic grabbed herself some wild garlic leaves to have with her supper of salad. It was suggested that some creatures may have relived themselves on them but she was undeterred and said she would wash them thoroughly before consuming.

Then onto part of the local chain walks for the area and then past a private, very horsey community with a public footpath running through it. On on again after a held check, or as Blow Felt says a health check: bit ominous as at this point we had a faller, oh dear poor Hash Bike twisted her knee and Pecker was called back and with Blow Felt stayed with her while a plan was hatched.

Meanwhile the hash continued through the very pretty village of Rushden and back to the pub where the rescue plan was put into action. Double Entry and Skid Mark drove in her 4x4 off into the isolated countryside with my map and drove onto the field and retrieved the patient. The landed gentry assisted by holding open the gate for them and she was back at the pub in a flash, then on to A&E. You will be pleased to know that all is well; an X-ray showed no broken bones but torn ligaments. She was told to rest the knee and was given crutches which her daughter Knotch was very pleased about as she could have some fun with those!

Down downs.... The Count was in trouble for running up the front (with Bangers) his exemption card WILL be confiscated; yummy orange drizzle cake was consumed curtesy of Lady P.

All in all another wonderful day in paradise, aren't we lucky!

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