Run 1359

Sunday 19 March 2017

The Three Horseshoes, Norton

Hare: Depth Charge


The over enthusiastic Hare

Knotch demonstrates physical prowess ...

... and Subby half-hearted lethargy

Ringer finds false trail?

Gorjoyce professes innocence

Technological Titten

The dog toffee clearance team in action

Princess demonstrates physical prowess ...

... and Rapid half-hearted lethargy

Dog toffee clearance team flee gunfire

The circle was entertaining for some

Pecker awarded Shark's Hat

Not quite a Sunny morning in Norton, but a reasonably warm one. A little rain and drizzle didn't dampen the H5 spirit, but did dampen some of the trail. Many thanks to Blow Felt for stepping in and ensuring that members of SMERSH or Spectre or Knitting Circle, all made it back safely.

HM Ringer called the circle and with no birthdays, anniversaries or anything else of particular interest, we were off into the dog toffee infested realms around Letchworth.

A few falsies near the start led to some interesting sights, including seeing Gorjoyce, Golden Globes, Double Entry and Catch It all FRB'ing.

Not to be outdone, Rapid, Underlay and Pecker made sure they got as many number checks as possible. The Count was more than happy to allow this and only played his exemption certificate on a couple of occasions and only slightly more than Bangers.

A check at an outdoor gym showed a lot of physical prowess from some of the hash and a lot of lethargic half-heartedness from some more of the hash. This was shortly followed by some number checks before we came across people with guns. We weren't sure if they had taken exception to Forking's Shark hat or perhaps were taking clay fragments home for lunch.

A Short Cut was then taken by some as the rest of the pack ventured to Radwell to do some duck watching and number ignoring (well we were close to Screamer Time).

Down Downs awarded for:

  • An over enthusiastic Hare
  • Subby and Peachers as they managed to completely forget that they should have gone to the theatre the night before.
  • Princess Theakstons for some rather spiffing Socks that put the Counts to shame.
  • The Count for his rather too enthusiastic efforts at the outdoor gym.
  • DE for offering to remember for an RA who remembered
  • Private Parts for potential Pram Rage
  • Atomic for Technological abuse!
  • Forking, so that the RA could introduce the Hash to a new song he had cum across.

On On to The Plough at Ley Green brought to you by Ringer and Bangers on Mothering Sunday.
Depth Charge