Run 1357

Sunday 5 March 2017

The Live and Let Live, Pegsdon

Hares: Catch IT and Clap Trap


Hares, with cake support of course

Hare Demo #3 How do deal with Shiggy

The Count shows off shirt signed by Rudi, Oscar and Millispeed

Pack spread down Deacon Hill

Confused? You will be

Princess with "Should I accept a drink from a stranger Dad" look

The RA did a good job with the clouds. But.

We came across a RNIB outing ...

... their guide-dog was not fooled when FDC tried to send them the wrong way


Clever beer switch by Blow Felt ...

... but did Warren Beatty open the wrong envelope?

There were deep puddles, rain and threatening grey skies as the hares drove to the aptly-named, Live and Let Live on Sunday morning, wishing that the weather could be as the previous day, when they'd set the trail. The BBC website forecast had rain all day but the hares had pinned their hopes on a prediction by the Met Office that the rain would stop between 11 am and noon, giving a window for the run. Whether it was because of this, or the influence of the RA, the skies cleared and the sun came out at about 20 minutes before the run and it remained dry thereafter – though many hashers retained their wet-weather gear as insurance.

Many have noted that Pegsdon is not suitable for flat-racing and this run took in almost all of the Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit Nature Reserve, ascending a long sloping bridleway to a held check at Hoo Bit, onwards to Telegraph Hill (184m), then, following the Icknield Way, to Deacon Hill (172m). At its summit we admired the view before following the path down towards Pirton Road, the On-Inn and the Live and Let Live (80m). A short run, but one that challenged with steep climbs, the rarefied atmosphere and the difficulty of recognising flour amongst all the chalk!

Back at the pub which was notable for the number of bumblebees exploiting the garden flowers and the warm welcome it gave dogs (and their owners), we took time to rehydrate. In the circle following, the RA took charge of several miscreants awarding them down-downs for their nefarious (though largely mysterious) misdeeds. In return the RA was awarded a fish-hat Hashit for his trouble.

In view of the forecast, the Hares were surprised by the turnout and very pleased not to be doing the run alone. It says a lot for hashers as being too committed to take the rain cheque [or generous ... scribe].

On On to the Old Red Lion, Stevenage

Catch-it & Clap Trap