Run 1356

Sunday 26 February 2017

The Globe, Leighton Buzzard

Hare: Hotshot


The Hare promises some shiggy ...

... and is hoisted on his own petard ...

... but is that shiggy?

DE offers to help local busker

Underlay has it all: Old Man and New Car

On out had to be along the towpath

HM tries to coax Jack away from Leroy ...

... to meet the Newbee Mutt

Forking's unique down-down style ...

... matched by Ringer

The Very Late Wurdz

So it was not until Saturday morning that your hare got anywhere near a computer in order to right a run report. Hopefully this means that the hash will have had time to forget what happened.

On Sunday last the hare set out in wonderful sunshine to lay the trail. As always he had prepared a map so he knew where to go. Naturally the hare left this at home.

In the circle the hare promised the hash some hills, some shiggy and some main roads. Some would say a short but truthful brief and on out we went. I often find it amusing when the hash fall for the same false trail as the last time we were at a pub and they didn't fail to amuse.

After this point Underlay took the lead as well as the next false trail after a prompt from the hare (I feel sure I've heard tell that you should never trust a hare). Once back on track Rapid fell foul of a number check and the Count showed his age and his card in order to avoid another.

Then it was in to the woods and up the hill to the magical world of shiggy, Peachers Tit finding it first and then the hare followed showing off his flying skills. Through Linslade woods the hash ran, walked and slipped and out to the other side where the hash gathered. This was where Leroy used a dog bin while checking out the trail and found the long route – it wasn't that long but the hare likes his laugh.

Down the hill we went checking out a few unlaid false trails at the same time, then it was back up the slope with Forking missing a number check and then falling foul of the next by trying to hide it by standing on it. It was back into the woods from there and on to the on inn, stopping briefly to notice Subby washing her feet in the canal.

In the circle the hare had a lovely down down followed by another with Peachers Tit then Ringer and Forking found they had been caught by the R.A's eye.

Now it is on on to tomorrow's hash